Tiny10 x64 23H1 is here for those who need a debloated and lightweight Windows 10.


Windows 10 original stock wallpaper with Tiny 10 superimpose

Earlier this year, NTDEV (@NTDEV_ on Twitter) released Tiny 10 2303 for those who need a lightweight and modern Windows 10 edition with smaller disk footprints and the latest updates. Initial releases were only available in x86 or 32-bit flavors, aimed at users unable to run stock Windows 10 or 11 with lower hardware. x64 format with all the advantages of its “smaller” sibling.

Like tiny10 2303 x86, version 23H1 is also based on the same Windows 10 LTSC 21H2 (build number 19044.3031). Its most important feature is component store support that ensures you can download monthly updates while maintaining a low installation profile and small disk footprint (remote desktop is also available). According to Project developertiny10 23H1 is for those who want a basic Windows experience with essential features and security measures.

Another notable aspect of the new tiny10 version is the ability to upgrade in place. In other words, you can update from an older Tiny 10 release to tiny10 23H1 without needing a clean install.

It’s worth noting that “23H1” is just a “naming convention” that indicates a release from the first half of 2023. Microsoft’s official Windows 10 release is version 22H2, and the company has clarified that users should not expect a new release. or any major feature updates. 22H2 should be the last Windows 10 version, ending support in October 2025.

You can. Download tiny10 23H2 from the Internet Archive.. As always, remember that fan-made projects like this one Activation with a genuine Windows key is still required. From matching SKU (7, 8, 8.1, and 10 work).

You can try using it without a license, but the installation will eventually start to annoy you with activation prompts, dark desktop backgrounds and other annoyances. In other words, all the good stuff from stock Windows 10. At least it no longer requires more than 20 GB of space on your drive and at least 2 GB of RAM.

If you want a more modern lightweight Windows release, check out Tiny 11, which offers the best of Windows 11 without any unnecessary components or bloat. If you don’t trust third-party Windows modifications, check out this guide on how to DIY a debooted Windows ISO for your personal needs and preferences.


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