Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Space Crew Legendary Edition are on Xbox Free Play Days.


Xbox What is the announcement? that Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can plan Tiny Tina Wonderland And Space Crew Legendary Edition This weekend as part of the Free Play Days event. If you’re interested in playing, you’ll have until Sunday at 11:59 PDT to jump on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands and Space Crew Legendary Edition Free Play Days

To install the games, turn on your console and go to the Xbox Store, from there, go to the Subscriptions tab and enter the Gold Member area where you should see a collection of free Play Days. Select the games you want to download and start playing. If you decide over the weekend that you like the games, you can buy them with the following discounts:

Tiny Tina Wonderland

Space Crew: Fictional Edition

Xbox describes these two games as:

Tiny Tina Wonderland

A world of weird, wonderful and super-powered weapons awaits as the unpredictable Tiny Tina takes you on her greatest adventure yet. Build a highly customizable Fat Maker then embark on a quest to defeat the villainous Dragon Lord. Slay baddies using a wide variety of guns, spells, and melee weapons combined with the power of a multi-class system that lets you harness the power of two unique classes!

Space Crew: Fictional Edition

Time for your toughest mission yet! Recruit and train your crew to deal with the growing threat of alien and android armies as you defend Earth to become a galactic legend in Space Crew: Legendary Edition. All new content free for existing Space Crew owners!

Even if you’re saving money now and don’t want to buy games to play after the weekend, any achievements you’ve earned or boosts to your GamerScore will remain in your account. That way, if you decide to pick up any game in the future, you won’t need to earn these items again.


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