TikTok’s woes continue, CEO to testify before Congress on data privacy concerns


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The CEO of TikTik, Shu Zi-Chiu, is expected to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on March 23. According to Committee Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA), the executive will need to “address the committee’s concerns about TikTok users. Privacy and data security practices, the platforms’ impact on children, and His relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.

The latest announcement comes after House Republicans won a majority vote and expressed concern over the growing number of TikTok users in the US, with the House Foreign Affairs Committee also banning the platform in the US over security concerns. is issuing a bill on which the voting will be done next month.

Although TikTok spokespersons have appeared before congressional committees, this will be Chew’s first. McMorris Rogers mentioned in a written statement:

“Big tech has increasingly become a destructive force in American society. The Energy and Commerce Committee has been at the forefront of holding big tech CEOs — from Facebook to Twitter to Google — to account for their companies’ actions. These efforts will continue with TikTok. TikTok, owned by ByteDance, knowingly allowed the Chinese Communist Party to access US user data. Americans deserve to know that these actions protect their privacy and data. How it affects, as well as what steps TikTok is taking to keep our kids safe from online and offline harm. We’ve made our concerns with TikTok clear. It’s time people Continue the committee’s efforts to hold Big Tech accountable by bringing TikTok before the committee to provide full and honest answers.”

In a statement to the edgeTikTok spokesperson Brooke Oberweiter confirmed the hearing. He added:

“An opportunity to tiktok, bite dance, and set the record straight about the commitments we are making before the House Energy and Commerce Committee to address US national security concerns. We hope that the full By sharing the details of its comprehensive plans with the committee, Congress can take a more thoughtful approach to these issues.

Oberweiter also clarified that neither ByteDance nor TikTok are under the “direct or indirect control” of the Chinese Communist Party. He declared it impossible for any foreign party to control the Tik Tok platform in America and said:

“Furthermore, under the proposal that we have developed through CFIUS with our country’s top national security agencies, this type of data sharing—or any foreign influence on the TikTok platform in the United States No other form would be possible.”

Adding to TikTok’s woes with security concerns in the US, the platform was recently banned by the US Senate in December over allegations that the Chinese government could access the platform and its data. Is. In June, Apple and Google were asked by FCC commissioners to ban TikTok. Despite efforts to allay concerns, the company continues to garner skepticism from lawmakers in the US.


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