This new unrecorded “no clip” video proves his gameplay isn’t fake.


Unrecorded screenshot

On Wednesday, a newly revealed game developer studio called Drama published a trailer for its first title, a so-called upcoming first-person shooter. Unrecorded. The trailer showcased the in-game engine gameplay from the modern-day shooter, with some impressive photo-realistic environments and graphics. So naturally, many who saw the trailer called it “fake”.

To prove otherwise, a member of the drama team, Alexander Spindler, Posted a video on his Twitter account today.. It shows the same atmosphere we saw on Wednesday. Unrecorded trailer, but running within the Unreal Engine development tools. Even as we watch the video go into “no clip” mode, going through walls and objects in the game’s level, Spindler had some fun with the post, saying, “For those who thought Unrecorded Was it fake or the video, sorry.”

Not only does the game itself look impressive, but it looks like it will take the FPS genre in some new directions as well. The game will be based on body cam – footage of the player character, who will be a tactical police officer trying to solve a mystery. It seems that there will also be some moral choices that players will have to make in the game that can affect the outcome.

Drama is a small game studio, so we likely won’t be touching it. Unrecorded for a while. However, both Wednesday’s trailer and today’s dev footage make us want to see more of the game. You can learn more about off-the-record. The official website of the dramaand you can too. Steam game wishlist.


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