This new $400 Victrix Pro controller comes without an analog stick or D-Pad


Highlights of the story

  • The new Victrix Pro FS-12 costs $400.
  • It comes without a d-pad or analog stick.
  • This is a new, officially licensed PlayStation product.

A single missing inputOne wrong flick of the thumb can literally cost someone a tournament game they’ve been training for for years. it is The essence Fighting game titles that force players to use extreme inputs to gain a slight edge over their opponents.

Over decades of probability-defining games, there have been players who have dedicated their lives to finding the right moves and finding that perfect counter, but even if one has ‘skill’ Even if there is a special benefit, they still need to learn. Apply it. This is where controllers like. Victorix Pro Come to the game.

Not long ago, many professional players began to shift to more discrete controllers, a fitter for competitive play. During this period, many controllers like the Victrix Pro were discovered and became a staple for pro gamers.

With this new generation of huge controllers, people were still looking for ways to make it even bigger. effectiveand so they started using a new type of controller, one without an analog stick.

Referring back to the beginning of this article, one wrong move can easily spell disaster for any player playing in an environment as competitive as fighting games.

Players need to make sure that neither they nor their controller slips during a decisive battle, so To eliminate minimum controller variation Players decided to use pads that had no analog or D-pads.

Of course, whenever a new trend arises, huge tech publishers jump into the market and hype train. After seeing the success of controllers like the Victrix Pro, PlayStation finally decided to publish an officially licensed pad, namely the Victrix Pro. FS-12

When talking about the controller itself, it is of very high quality, with the buttons placed in the most efficient positions to maximize the speed and accuracy of the most complex combos that players are performing.

Fighting games like Street Fighter are based on reflexes, immense study of mechanics and hours of practicing new and unexpected combos.

Whereas a casual gamer would be a mesh. ‘X’ Again and again, a more serious player will make the opposite move. For such moves to happen, players need the proper tools, another great example of Victrix Pro.

One final thing to note is preference. Some players may just play better on a keyboard rather than this particular model, or players may want to change their controllers for different games.

Nevertheless, as long as players continue to evolve, we can be sure that more innovative controllers will hit the market at the same time.

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