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RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s efforts to promote dialogue regionally and globally were highlighted at a celebration in the Kyrgyz Republic to mark World Arabic Language Day.

The event was organized by the Saudi Embassy at Bishkek State University in the Kyrgyz capital.

The Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the Kyrgyz Republic, Ibrahim Radi Al-Radi, attended the ceremony along with a large number of officials, academics and students.

Al-Radi highlighted the Kingdom’s pioneering role and its efforts to serve the Arabic language domestically, regionally and globally.

“The directives of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to focus on the learning and teaching of the Arabic language aim to build bridges of communication between cultures and peoples through its many contributions to knowledge and various sciences, and strengthen identity. Cultural diversity, dialogue and world peace,” Al- Roddy said.

He told Arab News that the kingdom’s efforts to promote the Arabic language in the Kyrgyz Republic over the past year included four training courses to teach the language.

“These training courses were held in Kyrgyz universities in the cities of Bishkek and Osh in the presence of professors from Madinah Islamic University, Umm al-Qura University and King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language. said.

Saudi Arabia offers scholarships to Kyrgyz students to study at the kingdom’s universities in several specialized fields, including the Arabic language, Al-Radi said.

The kingdom offers about 130 scholarships annually, benefiting about 500 male and female students in recent years.

“The embassy, ​​in collaboration with several universities, annually celebrates World Arabic Language Day and supports related events and activities, in addition to other development initiatives sponsored by the Kingdom, such as grant aid and loans. The total amount disbursed so far has reached about $350 million to sectors in Kyrgyzstan, including education, he said.


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