This concept envisions Windows 12 with a taskbar to please everyone and more


Windows 11 logo with bloom-like background wallpaper.

Last year, a surprising screenshot revealed the first design hints of the upcoming next-generation Windows “12.” It depicted a basic approach to traditional UI elements, such as the taskbar, notification area, search bar, and more. Although this screenshot is nothing but a joke, it sparked a heated debate among users. While people debate whether it’s a good idea to replace Windows “12” with a macOS-like alternative, this concept video is one of a kind to make everyone happy.

A video was published. gave Addy Visual YouTube Channel envisions the next Windows version with a dock-like taskbar divided by widgets, pins, and quick settings sections. Since few would be fans of such a change, the concept suggests letting users switch between Default, Joined, Classic, or Compact view. In other words, something for everyone.

The lack of such an approach is one of the reasons people dislike Windows 11 — they’re not happy with Microsoft imposing questionable changes without an alternative (the recently updated Widgets Board Microsoft is a perfect example of doing the opposite of what consumers want).

A GIF showing the different taskbar styles in Windows 12 concept.

Another cool feature that the video suggests is creating app folders on the taskbar to keep the area cleaner and better organized. In addition, it displays a smart dock with quick actions that you can apply to selected files and folders.

Like a similar concept we covered several months ago, it features widgets you can place on the desktop, as well as a better layout for the Start menu that includes Pins, the most used There are dedicated sections to list apps, widgets, and all programs.

A redesigned Start Menu concept in Windows 12

Finally, no Windows concept is complete without a redesigned File Explorer. Created by Addy Visuals, it features beautiful visuals and a neat “drop zone” where you can temporarily save your files and folders, similar to Clipboard 2.0.

File Explorer concept from Windows 12 concept video

As usual, the ideas in such videos are very unlikely to be adopted and brought to real life by Microsoft (Microsoft itself owns fancy concepts that often have little in common with the final product). . While we’re unlikely to see Eddie’s ideas in the next Windows, the video shows what people want from Microsoft’s operating system: choice, flexibility, and consistency.

Additional reward: You can download wallpaper from video by using This link to Google Drive.


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