These CS:GO items are more expensive than your house.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, commonly known as CS: GO, is one of the biggest E-Sport games to date. The first-person shooting game from Valve Corporation came out almost a decade ago in August 2012.

The game managed to surpass its predecessor, Counter-Strike 1.6, as the greatest FPS game of the 2000s. CS:GO is currently one of the biggest games on Steam, and it continues to grow every year.

The game has seen its fair share of dips and spikes in player numbers over the years, but most of them keep coming back to it.

CS:GO has a very high skill limit. This is one of those games that you can spend thousands of hours playing and still not be able to call yourself “good” at the game. The game is also known for the toxicity of its player base, but honestly, what multiplayer game isn’t toxic these days?

Another thing CS:GO is most famous for is its commercial market. CS: GO includes a large number of cosmetic items, from weapons and knives to character cosmetics, cases and even stickers. Most of these in-game items are fairly cheap, but the rarer they are, the more expensive they are.

Some CS:GO items are so rare and limited that they can easily go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. While it may be hard to believe for those unfamiliar with the game, it is absolutely true that some items are just as expensive back home in the West, if not more so.

Steam’s community market is full of in-game items from various games. However, the front page is usually filled with CS:GO items due to their sheer popularity and player base.

And it’s not just limited to the Steam community market. There are many online betting and trading sites that exclusively deal in CS:GO cosmetics.

Following are some of the most expensive and rare CS items: GO which can easily be the most expensive items in any video game.

7. Pandora Box and Vice – Sports Gloves – $20,000

Gloves became a part of CS:GO in 2016, along with the introduction of the Glove Case. It was clear at the time that these gloves would become more expensive over time. These gloves are always displayed on screen, unlike weapon skins which only exist until you change the weapon.

Pandora’s Box Sports Gloves were the first and most popular gloves introduced to the sport. These gloves were brightly colored and stood out on screen with any awesome weapon skin to make the player look even cooler.

Factory new sports gloves – Pandora's box cost around $20,000.
Factory new sports gloves – Pandora’s box cost around $20,000.

A variant of these gloves became even more popular as professional CS:GO players such as kennyS and s1mple were seen using them.

Currently, Pandora’s Box Sports Gloves can be purchased in factory new condition for over $32,000, while the vice variant can reach $20,000.

6. IBUYPOWER HOLO Sticker – $50,000

It may be hard to believe how the sticker got on this list. You may be even more surprised by their price, as these stickers can cost up to $50,000.

There are many reasons why this sticker is so expensive in the CS:GO item market. This sticker was revealed when the IBuyPower team participated in the IEM Katowice 2014 tournament. Soon after this, the team was banned in 2015 due to a Match-fixing scandal.

The iBuyPower sticker is both attractive and rare.
The iBuyPower sticker is both attractive and rare.

The team was only able to participate in one major in its career, which is one of the reasons these stickers are so limited. Most of these stickers are already applied to weapon skins to add value or make their weapon skins look cool.

However, there is a strong possibility that the prices of these stickers will increase from now on due to the rarity and limited supply. But there is another sticker that is even rarer.

5. Titan Hollow Sticker – $70,000

This Titan Holo sticker is also more expensive than IBuyPower. The sticker was also released at the IEM Katowice 2014 tournament based on the CS:GO team, “Titan”. Titan retired early in January 2015.

What makes this sticker more expensive than the previous one is because of how it looks. The design is quite attractive and stands out perfectly on any weapon skin.

A Titan Hollow sticker can greatly increase the value of any rare skin.
A Titan Hollow sticker can greatly increase the value of any rare skin.

Due to the team participating in only one major, the supply of this sticker is also quite limited. These stickers cost around $70,000 and are mostly used to increase the value of other weapon skins.

4. StatTrak M4A4 – HOWL – $200,000

The StatTrak M4A4 Howl is quite popular among collectors because of the history behind the item. The weapon skin was only available for one month in 2014, after which the artist behind the weapon skin released one. DMCA Takedown Notice.

After the notice was issued, the skins were removed from the cases, but the players who had received the skins were allowed to keep them. Later, Valve changed the skin’s rarity from Contraband to Covert, making it the only skin with that tag.

The only weapon in the game with "Prohibited" Tag
The only weapon in the game with the “Contraband” tag.

The only way to get your hands on this skin is to get it from someone who already owns it. While a regular type of skin costs about $6,000, a factory new StatTrak M4A4 Howl costs about $13,000.

However, these StatTrak M4A4 Howl skins have been recorded to trade for over $100,000. Some of these skins, along with a few Titan Holo stickers, are currently worth around $200k.

3. AWP Souvenir Dragon Lore – $400,000

Dragon Lore is undoubtedly one of the best skins in the game. Not only because of its rarity but because of how it looks. Of all weapon skin types, the souvenir type is considered the rarest and most expensive.

The souvenir is a piece of dragon lore art.
The souvenir is a piece of dragon lore art.

The volume came out in 2014. A regular factory new version of Dragon Lore can be found for around $10k. However, a souvenir dragon lore can easily reach $65,000 in peak condition. Paired with some title halos, you can easily find this skin for around $400,000.

2. StatTrak AK-47 Case Hard – Stain Pattern – $450,000

Featuring a smooth blue skin with an attractive golden stain, the StatTrak AK-47 Case Hardened Scar Pattern is one of the rarer skins in the game. While hard case skins are not usually that rare, the pattern #661 is something that is not often seen.

This weapon skin is loved by collectors worldwide. Pattern #661 is one of 12 Blue Gem patterns available, and this skin is virtually impossible to get out of the case.

Pattern #661 is one of the rarest Blue Gem patterns in the game.
Pattern #661 is one of the rarest Blue Gem patterns in the game.

The price of this weapon skin is surprisingly high as just one case costs about 50 rupees, and you would have to be lucky to find this particular specimen, even with 100 cases.

The last recorded transaction for this volume in January 2021 was around $150,000. Currently, the skin is estimated to be worth between $400,000 and $500,000.

1. Krambt Case Hard – Blue Gem – $750,000

The Blue Gem variant of the Karambit Case Hardened is easily the rarest and most expensive item in CS:GO. Aside from being extremely expensive, this is a beautiful weapon skin from top to bottom. To add to its rarity, there is only one of these around.

Karambit Case Hard - The Blue Gem is the only case of its kind.
Krambit Case Hard – The Blue Gem is the only case of its kind.

The chances of getting the Blue Gem variant of Karambit Case Hardened are about one in 824 million cases. Currently, the skin is owned by Nub Ridge, who purchased the skin in 2016 for $150,000. Allegedly to Nube Ridge $1.4 million offer But he turned it down.

The estimated value of this volume is currently around $750,000. But there’s really no way to judge it because there’s only one, and its value will depend on its owner if he decides to sell it. But one thing is for sure, and that is that the price of skin is only going to go up.

take away

While there are many games that have in-game items that can be sold for a lot of money, none of them come close to CS:GO’s most expensive cosmetic items. Most of these items are worth much more than the house itself and will continue to get more expensive over time.

CS:GO has been out for several years now, but it is still going strong and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future with its loyal player base.

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