There is nothing to launch the phone (2) in the US this year.


Nothing Phone 1 back

The US was one of the countries left out when consumer electronics company Nothing launched the phone (1) back in July 2022. While the company finally made the smartphone available to US consumers through a beta program, not all carriers have properly authorized the device. To work on your networks.

That’s all about to change, as Nothing CEO Carl Pei recently confirmed in an interview with Inverse that the company will now include the US in the release of the Nothing Phone (2) later this year. will

“We decided to make the US our No. 1 priority in terms of markets,” Pei said. “We couldn’t do it before because we were only in our second year and our hands were tied in building the team while we were building the product. Now that we’re on a more solid footing, we can take a step forward.”

When it comes to the specs of the phone (2), Pei didn’t reveal much other than to say that it will be “more premium” than its predecessor. However, he refused to call the upcoming device a flagship, as that would mean pitting the handset against flagship devices from Apple and Samsung. Instead, he claims the phone (2) will be premium over a mid-range phone for developing markets.

Pei also said that he would invest heavily in software development. When Nothing OS was not developed, this work was outsourced to other companies. But now that Nothing has around 100 people working on the software, the OS for the phone (2) will be built in-house. As such, Pei believes Nothing can create a “truly fast and seamless experience based on Android.”

Nothing Ear 1 earbuds

What’s more, Pei praised the company’s growth in overseas markets, adding that Nothing is “about 10x” its revenue globally in 2022 compared to last year. This makes sense because in 2021, the company only sold a pair of wireless earbuds called the Air (1).

Apart from launching a new phone this year, Nothing is also planning to open more physical stores around the world. While the company is considering opening a store in the U.S., it is being careful not to overextend itself and potentially be affected by the coming recession.

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