There are plenty of tasks to unlock One Piece Odyssey trophies.


One Piece Odyssey is set to hit consoles and PC soon, and fans can’t wait to dive right in. It is one of the most anticipated video game adaptations of the One Piece anime, with a launch trailer recently released featuring it. A banger OST just like that.

Being an action RPG, it’s no secret that the title will feature its fair share of long runtimes, but one particular aspect of the game that Odyssey points to is even more important. His trophy list recently surfaced online, and taking a look at a brief description of each unlocked achievement; It seems that we are all busy with one or the other.

Aside from the basic bronze level trophies that require you to go through some of the game’s main chapters, the rest of the unlockables are far more demanding. They include pitstop pro, which guarantees the completion of all side quests, and Battle Master Which can be unlocked only after winning 300 battles.

The Rundown:

  • One Piece Odyssey is an action RPG with turn-based combat elements. The title’s visuals look solid and its initial impressions are shaping up to be well established. The game will release on January 13.
  • In recent days, the game’s trophy list has appeared online, most notably on a dedicated website called PSN Profiles. There are a total of 51 unlockable trophies in One Piece Odyssey.
  • Two of these trophies are gold, 9 are silver and the rest are bronze, of course, with a single platinum grade trophy, which unlocks automatically after you hit 100% of the game.
  • Some of the trophy descriptions seem to demand a lot of work from aspiring players, so it’s no secret that One Piece Odyssey is going to steal a huge chunk of your time if you’re out to finish it completely.

One Piece Odyssey’s recently revealed trophy list just goes to show how big a game we’re about to dive into, especially considering what you’ll have to do to unlock some of the trophies. have been.

Some unlockable trophies in One Piece Odyssey
Some unlockable trophies in One Piece Odyssey

For example, the majority of silver trophies in the game are related to collectibles, and we all know how difficult it can be to search all corners of the in-game world just for that. Treasure Hunter and Bounty Hunter Trophies are two scenarios that will put you through your paces.

But that’s not all, other taxing challenges include changing the various rewards that you’ll find in the bustling world of One Piece Odyssey along with the Certified Free Fixer trophy to keep you glued to the title. There are more incentives.

From what we can tell after enjoying a two-hour demo of One Piece Odyssey, the title will also hold its ground. This is one of the best gaming adaptations of the One Piece anime yet to be used to its full potential.

Oh, and if you want to buy the title, but aren’t able to, One Piece Odyssey just went on sale at a UK-based retailer called Fanatical. The prices of the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition of the RPG have been reduced to $50 and $70, respectively.

Let us know in the comments section if you think you’ll spend some time grinding in One Piece Odyssey. We know we certainly are.

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