The YouTuber combined the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance to create one console


When we talk about legendary gaming consoles, Nintendo probably gets the most mentions. Game Boys Advance And Nintendo DS Two of these nominations are revolutionary achievements in the company’s history. Nintendo DS Second best seller console of all time, while the Game Boy Advance also makes the top 10.

Both of them shaped an entire generation of creators while also setting the standards for handheld gaming. So, what if you combined the two into a single console? A YouTuber did exactly that and built a console with a Nintendo DS shell and a Game Boy Advance SP. internal In a strange combination.

Key takeaways

  • A YouTuber created a hybrid of the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance SP.
  • It uses the internal design of the GBA SP with the buttons on the bottom and the LCD on top, but uses the Nintendo DS’ PCB.
  • The console can play games from Atari, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, SNES, and more.

YouTuber and console modder Game Boy Custom is responsible for this brand new invention. gave Overall design The combination resembles that of the Game Boy Advance, with buttons below the screen. According to the YouTuber, the hybrid features dual backlit screens, improved ergonomics, tactile trigger buttons, and a USBC Port

Gameboy Custom made this Nintendo DS and GBA mix with his bare hands. He used Block sand, Epoxy resin, and primed filler and then painted the Game Boy Advance shell. Spray putty, body filler, and block sand were again used for the DS shell.

As you can see in the video, the YouTuber paints and uses the shells many times. Wax and grease remover To give them a shiny look. Moving on, he had to remove the screws from the painted Nintendo DS shell so the light internals could fit into the mix. Then the YouTuber moves on to more technical stuff.

First, he starts with the fitting DS Lite Internals In the modified shelf. He then replaces the earphone jack, volume controller, and so on. Nintendo DS Lite Cartridge The slot then finally connected the LCD screens to the console. 20 mm Adapter cables to connect the DS light board.

Next, the YouTuber tests the console, and the hybrid sounds pretty good when it’s on. But this is just a test fitting, and it has to remove unnecessary things like the Nintendo DS cartridge slot. PCB. Next, he cleans the board by using flux to clean unwanted electronic parts.

Then the complicated job of rewiring Trigger button comes to the console. This is complicated, and the YouTuber uses tactile buttons to accomplish this by replacing the latter buttons. L. e. D And Power switches. The LED color in this build is red, but with Game Boy Custom you can change it to your liking.

After rewiring the volume slider, he fits the PCB into the shell of the custom console. Using the Touch button, the YouTuber gives the build a modern feel. When he boots the console after this fine-tuning, it works perfectly.

From here, the modder proceeds to mount and use the speakers. PSP 3000 Speaker. Is No earphone jack., but according to the YouTuber the sound will be clear enough. Also, there’s only one thing left to do: start the software process after reattaching the cartridge.

Nintendo DS/GBA
The hybrid’s Pokémon-themed exterior.

Reattaching the small point to the cartridge is a painstaking process, but the Nintendo DS and GBA mix works well after that. He then uses a DS R4 Flash Cartridge which has some wonderful resources. You can play and simulate. AtticNintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, SNES, Super Nintendo, PC engineAnd Commodore 64 Games.

So this custom device is the ultimate retro Nintendo console. Due to its features and utility, Game Boy Custom has decided to keep the console and not sell it. While it’s sad that we can’t play it, it’s still cool to see it in action with Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.

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