The Xbox April Update features a new search and a new adjustable active hours option.


Xbox Search

Microsoft is rolling out another major update for Xbox consoles. Today’s descriptionthe April update made changes to two aspects of the Xbox software experience: search and active hours.

After the update, users will notice that the search page of the console has been given a new look. In addition to the new look, the new search offers gallery-style results, filter navigation using left and right bumpers, a “Search on YouTube” option when inside the Movies & TV tab, and other useful features. As usual, users can open a search by pressing Y on the Xbox controller, pressing the search button on the dashboard, or using the magnifying glass icon in the guide.

After that, active hours on Xbox consoles can now be adjusted to save energy for the user. Building on the power-saving changes seen in previous updates, the latest update offers an option to turn off the console at a specifically scheduled time. This requires the Sleep Power option to be selected and is disabled by default.

Xbox Adjustable Active Hours

“If you’ve selected the Sleep Power option on your Xbox, you can set your console’s active times, which default to “always active” unless you change them,” Microsoft explains. “During your selected active hours your Xbox will boot up quickly and be available for activities like remote play and mobile game installs”

The Xbox April Update starts rolling out to users today, and should be rolling out to everyone within the week.


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