The Xbox app on Windows gets a sidebar upgrade with the latest update.


The Xbox logo is white on a dark blue background with a green outer glow

It’s time for another one. Xbox app Update on a Windows PC. gave January update (2301.1001.5.0) that Microsoft detailed today brings a handful of improvements and bug fixes from the Insider preview version to the app’s public track.

The sidebar has received an upgrade to show more information at a glance. Games on it will now display data such as recently received an update, days since last played, achievement completion status, and more depending on what’s relevant.

A new module has also appeared on the Game Pass homepage to notify players of available ‘EA Game Trials’. “You’ll sometimes see these modules on Home, and you can always find the list through the dedicated EA Play hub in the app,” Microsoft added. Speaking of the home page, the “Coming to Game Pass” section of the Xbox app has been added to give it more attention.

Xbox app on Windows

Bug fixes included in the latest update improve readability of text on game pages, fix the Game Pass tab sometimes being blank, and more. Here’s everything:

  • Adjusted the size and weight of some fonts on game pages for better readability.
  • Fixed an issue where install sizes were missing after recently installing the game.
  • Fixed a bug where some devices would fail to load content on the GamePass tab.
  • Fixed a bug where your ‘Cloud Gaming Jump Back In’ list would load infinitely when on an ARM device.
  • Fixed certain scenarios that would leave you stuck, and requiring the app to restart.
  • Fixed several localization issues in Vietnamese and Philippines.

There is only one known issue this time, and it has been isolated to the Desert High Contrast theme on Windows. Using the theme is apparently missing the guide button and show stream menu using remote play.


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