The US government began blocking exports to Huawei.


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It has been reported that the US government has suspended approval of licenses for businesses within the US to export to Huawei following ongoing tensions and sanctions against the company.

The news comes as some U.S. firms have reportedly contacted the U.S. Commerce Department to say it will not issue licenses to Huawei to export U.S. technology, citing tensions between the U.S. and China in recent months. has increased.

A spokesperson for the US Department of Commerce said:

“Working closely with our interagency export control partners at the Departments of Energy, Defense and State, we continually review our policies and regulations and regularly communicate with external stakeholders.

We do not comment on discussions or considerations with specific companies.”

Huawei has been subject to numerous sanctions since it was first added to the list of infamous entities in 2019, and a change of leadership in the White House appears to have changed the country’s position against it. has not done

It’s not just the US that has fallen out of favor with Huawei, elsewhere, such as in the UK, governments are trying to remove or reduce the use of its technology in 5G infrastructure. Huawei has declined to comment on this emerging story for now.

Source: BBC News


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