The upcoming Mouse Jump/Fancy Mouse from Microsoft PowerToes can be extremely helpful on Windows.


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Microsoft PowerToys may soon get a nice and helpful feature in the near future. This is because a new mouse utility called “FancyMouse” is currently being integrated into PowerToes, a work in progress (WIP) project. The feature is currently called “Mouse Jump” although the official name of the utility may be different in the final release. Developer, Michael Clayton, Says that The feature is “active and ready for early design review but will probably need some work before it’s ready for release.”

As mentioned earlier, the new Mouse Jump utility will be based on Fancy Mouse, a software that basically helps move the mouse across the screen quickly. This is especially useful for those who work on very large ultrawide (21:9) or super ultrawide (32:9) monitors with more real estate. Similarly, it will also be very useful for those with multiple monitor setups. While a high DPI (dots per inch) mouse is somewhat helpful in this regard, the Fancy Mouse aims to make this task even easier.

Clayton describes how FancyMouse works:

A hotkey or spare mouse button can be configured to activate a fancy mouse popup, and the pointer only needs to move a small amount over the preview thumbnail. A mouse click then teleports the pointer to that location on the full-size desktop.

A visual cue tells you where the pointer will end up so you can easily find it without having to search for it.

Two graphic demonstrations below Show the difference between mouse movements with FancyMouse disabled and enabled:

Fancy Mouse Demo

Without a fancy mouse, mouse movement on the screen is very fast as one has to move the hand up and down a lot.

Fancy Mouse Demo

With fancy mouse popups you basically need to point to the part of the screen where you want the popup to go inside and the mouse goes there, no extra work required.

If you missed them, you can check out recent feature additions and bug fixes in PowerTools here.

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