The unexpected horror of Dead Space will be a masterpiece.


The highly anticipated Dead Space remake is less than a week away, and one can only hope it lives up to the hype. Judging from what we already know and what we’ve already seen of the remake, it looks like it’s headed in a good direction.

The Dead Space franchise has established itself as a classic. It’s been over 14 years since the first Dead Space game came out in October 2008, followed by its sequel in January 2011 and Dead Space 3 in February 2013. The games were developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts.

Even after all these years, Dead Space is still a must-have game for fans of the horror genre. The video game industry has seen massive improvements in almost every area over the past decade. If a new generation of gamers, even older ones, play Dead Space now, it will look a little dull.

But they won’t be missing out on anything, as the remake of the original Dead Space is coming out in a few days. Dead Space Remake is set to bring many improvements from the original game, as any remake should.

The unpredictability of the Dead Space remake makes it a marked improvement over the original. Unlike the original Dead Space, you can keep enjoying subsequent playthroughs, as each playthrough will be a completely different experience.

Unpredictability will make the game more interesting even for veterans who have played Dead Space games multiple times. Imagine walking through a normal jump care spot with your chest puffed up from the fact that you’ve won against a Necromorph. Boom, the game hits you with another jump care to keep you in place.

Experiences like these are what make horror games so much fun. And judging by recent gameplay leaks, the remake will be an even better experience than the original.

Actual dead space

The original Dead Space was something that would always keep you on your toes. The player must always be aware of their surroundings as Necromorphs can ambush the player from any corner of the ship.

This white creature looked nothing close to your average zombie. Necromorphs came in a wide variety, all looking like mutilated corpses that struck fear into the hearts of anyone who encountered them.

The original Dead Space planet takes place on the Cracker-class ship USG Ishimura. Ishimura served as an ideal setting for a horror game. It was a commercial vessel designed to mine planets and drill for harvesting their natural resources.

If you take out the hallways and lounges covered in blood and gore, the massive drills and grinding machines on Ishimura create a dystopian atmosphere all their own. Despite being a gigantic mechanical monster, it was nothing more than a merchant ship in the Dead Space universe.

When you walk around a merchant ship, you see a lot of things that will help you get a sense of what life was like on board before the plague broke out and everything went crazy. Each room on the ship has a new story to tell the player what life was like when everyone was alive.

Overall, Dead Space’s atmospheric story is something we rarely see in video games, which makes it a great game.

Immersion is also next-level in how Isaac Clarke, an engineer, and our protagonist, deals with his trials in the game. The UI tells you just what you need to know without breaking immersion. Isaac’s health can be seen on the meter on the back of his suit. The rest of the inventory appeared as a holographic projection.

USG Ishimura's interiors from the Dead Space remake.
USG Ishimura’s interiors from the Dead Space remake.

The game does its best to stay relevant to knowledge. Isaac, as an engineer, has to make do with what he finds on the ship. Most of the weapons he finds on the USG Ishimura are basically just glorified mining tools, which he then uses to decimate hordes of Necromorphs.

Despite being perfect in many aspects, the original Dead Space had one major flaw. Once you get used to it, it gets pretty boring, like most horror games.

It still keeps you on your toes, but it’s hard to feel fear when the same kind of monstrous creature ambushes you out of a vent after you’ve just killed its twin, which is the last one. Tried to pull off the same trick in the room. .

Of course, it has its moments, like the reveal of the first distributor. However, it is a fact that once you keep playing, the game gradually becomes less scary. This tendency is even more pronounced on subsequent playthroughs because you’ve already experienced the jumps and you’re sure where the next one is coming from.

The devs working on the Dead Space remake knew this was one of the flaws that held the original back. They decided to add Intensity Director because it would improve the experience significantly compared to the original Dead Space without going against the game’s tradition or immersion.

But what exactly is intensity director? How does this improve the user experience in a horror game?

What is intensity director?

Intensity Directer is undoubtedly one of the best features in the upcoming Dead Space Remake. It has been introduced in games like Warhammer Vermintide and Left 4 Dead games.

It is an invisible element that reacts to the player’s feedback and determines new events and encounters based on it. For example, you’re casually blasting through a horde of slashers, and then suddenly, a large and tough creature appears to increase the challenge for you.

A director of intensity considers the player’s actions and then creates an unexpected and unexpected event that will keep the player on their toes. This type of setting is ideal for horror games like the Dead Space remake.

Joel McMillan, director of the Dead Space remake sensation, has revealed about it. 1200 random events and competitions May occur when the player enters a new area. These encounters and random events aren’t just limited to more enemies, but also new jump cares and new audio cues.

Joel McMillan, director of the Dead Space remake, talks about director of intensity.
Joel McMillan, director of the Dead Space remake, talks about director of intensity.

Joel McMillan also said that the remake almost didn’t feature a pause. He added that removing such a feature would make horror games more impactful for the player.

This type of randomness is often seen in survival horror games due to its effectiveness. It plays with the player and keeps things interesting for them.

Director of Intensity will also make subsequent playthroughs more interesting. Imagine you’re on your second playthrough, and you’ve memorized all of the Jump Cares locations. But then, out of nowhere, the game throws another jump at you.

It fixes a major flaw of the original Dead Space, and an improvement like this is what all remakes should strive for.

take away

So far, it looks like the Dead Space remake will do justice to the original. The devs learned what worked and what didn’t work with the original and improved on those aspects to make this game, and hopefully it will be an even better experience than the original.

The Dead Space remake will also feature Gunnar Wright as the voice of Isaac Clarke, another feature that the original Dead Space lacked. Isaac Clarke was also voiced by Gunner Wright in Dead Space 2 and 3.

A voiceover will also add more depth to Isaac Clarke’s character in the first game, and coupled with the unpredictability that the director of Intensity brings to the horror game, the Dead Space remake points to a better experience than ever before. Is.

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