The Twitch streamer says Square Enix offered 70 percent less than his quote


  • Twitch partner and streamer Milady Confetti claims that Square Enix tried to exploit support for Forspoken content by giving it 70% less.
  • The Twitch streamer alleged that Lowball’s offer was due to “multiple levels of misogyny”. The streamer will not support For Spoken moving forward and has called out Square Enix for trying to undercut it for content.
  • Confetti noted that the company did not do this with white creators on any other game and that he was offered significantly less money because of his race.
  • Many users have supported the Twitch partner, and others have called out the streamer for allegedly creating a political issue instead.

Forspoken is an upcoming open-world action role-playing entry in which protagonist Freya is transported to the fantasy world of Athia. It has exciting, fast-paced gameplay where the character can use parkour to track a vast open world. However, the title has been dogged by controversy ever since its reveal.

It seems another controversy is brewing over the title, and Square Enix has been blamed. The company has been called by Twitch Partner and Streamer, Melody Confetti. The streamer claims that he suffered a severe decline in official offers from the company to produce Forspoken content.

The Twitch streamer reiterated that Square Enix approached him about collaborating on For Spoken content, and that he initially made an offer. The company then responded with a deal that was significantly less than it had quoted. Melody Confetti alleged that Square Enix made the offer. 70% less More than what he suggested about running the game.

The streamer noted that Square Enix tried to discount her from the offer because of her race, implying that Square Enix was trying to exploit black female creators.

Milady noted, “I just wanted to let you know that I will not be supporting Forspoken due to multiple levels of misunderstanding. […] How can you have a black female protagonist and then offer to pay less to BW creators?

The video explains the situation further. The streamer claims they will not support Forspoken. The creator also focuses on the fact that Freya, the protagonist of Farspoken, is a black woman, yet Square Enix is ​​underpaying black women.

The Twitch partner also clarified that Square Enix doesn’t do this with white creators in any other game.

I guess I should have expected that from a game with a black female character written by all white people or from a company that one of their lead game devs said a few months ago. That I don’t want black people in my final fantasy game.

Referring to the streamer. A recent interview with IGN With Final Fantasy 16 producer, Noki Yoshida, where he addressed the lack of black characters. Producers noted the realism and ethnic diversity as a reason to reflect real-life medieval Europe.

From the earliest stages of development our design concept has always featured medieval Europe, incorporating the historical, cultural, political, and anthropological criteria that were prevalent at the time. […] Due to the basic geographical, technological, and geopolitical constraints of this setting, Valisthea will never realistically be as diverse as a modern-day Earth.” said Nookie.

Many have supported the streamer’s take on Twitter and other social media. Many users claimed that the exploitation of black women for content in the gaming industry is all too common.

A fellow Twitch partner, Raven Asmodeuswrote, “What a shame. And the fact that they have no problem cashing black women. I wish I could say I was shocked.

On the other hand, some have completely disputed the streamer’s allegation. one more Twitter user, Lively Fruit, Called the streamer to make the game ““Political Battleground”

The user noted, “Sports are not your police and political battlefields for virtue signaling. Games are games. You’re trying to make a moral issue out of something that has nothing to do with ethics, it’s not a high school lesson plan (IK you wouldn’t know, you didn’t graduate).

What are your thoughts on Twitch streamer and content creator Milady Confetti claiming to have received a lowball offer from Square Enix to create Forspoken content? Do you think a huge company was trying to exploit a streamer? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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