The Switch version of Persona 3 Portable puts an end to the main character name debate.


  • Persona 3 Portable’s Switch release has confirmed the name of the male protagonist to be Makoto Yuki.
  • After this confirmation in the reissued port, an old discussion ends.
  • Kotun Shiumi is the name of the female protagonist in this game.

Personality Arguably the most popular JRPG title in the gaming industry at the moment. Since 1996, Atlus’ spin-off franchise Megami Tensi has ruled the JRPG market and given us some amazing games. A major reason for this dominance is the freedom players get in Persona games.

Deciding on a name for your layer character is part of the perks of the Persona titles. But, this brings a mystery to the Persona franchise: what are? Canon names The main character in sports? Yours Persona 3 Portable The release has ended a long debate about the names of player characters in the title.

Faz on Twitter Brought this news to the public with a screenshot. In this image, you can see the new Nintendo Switch version of the game with text on display. We can clearly see the names of male and female protagonists in this text.

The name of the male player character is “Makoto Yuki” According to Persona 3 Portable canon. About the character of the female player, “Koton Shiomi.According to the text, the main character’s name is So, as this is a new version of the game, we know for sure that these are the canonical names of the characters.

This news will end a long-standing debate in the Persona community. You see, the name of the male protagonist in Persona 3 canon is up for debate. This is because of the contradiction. The name of the manga of character.

Minato Arisato Persona 3 is the name of the male protagonist of the manga adaptation. However, anime movies, various video game shows, and Spin-off Enter his name as Makoto Yuki. So, it’s up for debate in the fanbase, with both sides having evidence on their side.

Over the years, Makoto Yuki has received strong support for the name of the male character. But, Arisato fans never let go and stuck with the name of the Persona 3 manga adaptation. Now, this 2023 re-release Persona 3’s port confirms once and for all what the main character’s name is in canon.

Obviously, it’s disappointing for some fans to see that Arisato isn’t the main character’s real name. But this is the latest version of Persona 3, and Atlas Will learn about this discussion. So, maybe it’s time for Arisato fandom to surrender and embrace the Yuki alias.

This confirmation is also good because since then the main character has had several names. 2006. An internet photo captioned it “RogerWhich isn’t a fan favorite, or so we hope. “whyThere’s also been a popular meme in the community, but we thank God it’s not the real name.

We can also fight Makoto Yuki in Persona 5. DLC Battle Pack, giving more credence to his name. So, it is now 100% guaranteed that this is the main name of Persona 3’s main character. But we bet everyone would enter their name instead of using this default.

You can play Makoto Yuki and experience his story with the character name you like right now. Persona 3 Portable is out on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. Hopefully, you will have fun playing as any lead of your choice.

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