The Sony TV president says that the God of War TV show will retain the values ​​of the game but expand upon it.


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  • The president of Sony TV said in an interview that the God of War TV show is in its early stages.
  • He added that the team is making efforts to maintain the values ​​of the game as well as expand it.
  • In another interview, the head of Amazon also said that he would not deviate from the true source material of God of War.

In an interview with deadlinepresident of Sony Pictures TV Studios Catherine Pope got to talk about the studio’s development with a TV show adaptation of one of 2022’s biggest games. Pope shared that the team is very careful in working on the IP, essential for the TV show to stay connected to its roots.

The TV show God of War is a collaboration between PlayStation Productions, Sony Pictures Television, and Amazon Studios. A series based on Norse mythology will follow. Kratos, God of War, as he experiences almost the same events as the 2018 reboot. He has abandoned his violent past and in doing so exiled himself to the Norse realm of Midgard.

As announced earlier. Santa Monica Studios, God of War Ragnarok is the last entry in the series, since then the hype surrounding the TV show adaptation has grown even stronger. Amazon and Sony Pictures are aware of all the expectations of the project they have got their hands on and continue to reassure fans of their efforts.

Recently in a The interview Catherine Pope, president of Sony Pictures TV Studios, told Deadline that the God of War TV show is in its early stages and that they are doing their best. Maintain values Expanding on the game as well. Pope said he is “impressed” with what the team is doing.

He added that they are working in such a way that if you are unfamiliar with the game, the show will be a great series to watch in its own right.

There’s really important IP here, we’re working on it. god of war, PlayStation title, which is still in its early stages. I know the game very well, and I’m very impressed with what they’re already doing in terms of building and expanding the world, keeping all the values ​​of the game but also expanding it. So if you don’t know the game, it’s still going to be a really satisfying show on its own.

If the show is still in its early stages, it’s safe to say we won’t see a release this year. Pope added that people think IP is easy to work on but it’s more difficult than starting an original idea because IP requires you to be familiar with the core, adding, “There’s an incredible amount of source material. Basic pieces”. And, determining what from the plot would be entertaining in a TV show as well.

Another one recently The interviewHead of Television at Amazon Studios Vernon Sanders assured fans that the show would never deviate from the source material. Sanders said he is aware of God of War’s passionate fanbase. God of War is special to him as a TV show because of its emotional core.

At the center of it all is this story of fathers and sons and families, set against this giant epic landscape, so that’s what Rafi (showrunner) and Mark, and Hawke (writer) came up with for the first season. is, and the series, I think, is incredibly true to the source material, and compelling itself,” said Vernon Sanders.

Like Kathryn, Vernon said, even if you haven’t played the game, you’ll still fall in love with the series, and he believes it’s going to be huge.

Also, we looked at the TV show adaptation The last of us recently. The show is being critically acclaimed and has been confirmed to return with a season 2. The show even became HBO’s second-biggest premiere in more than a week.

Given the massive success God of War Ragnarok garnered last year, recently crossing the milestone of 11 million copies sold, we expect to see an equally insane response to the release of the TV show.

Are you excited about Amazon’s God of War TV show? What are your expectations from the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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