The secret ending of the Dead Space remake is only included in New Game+.


Highlights of the story

  • The Dead Space remake will feature a new secret ending.
  • However, only New Game+ will include this ending, requiring multiple playthroughs to reach.
  • New Game+ will also feature new enemy types.

Video game remakes have become a common thing in the industry these days. The latest classic title to get a remake is 2008’s Dead Space, which isn’t long in coming. Now, new information suggests that the remake will have one. Secret endingdoes not exist in the original game.

However, players will need to play Dead Space Remake at least twice to unlock this secret ending. As it turns out, only New Game+ This will contain a new ending, so it will require two playthroughs to reach.

Like it or not, reboots and remakes have become the new trend in the entertainment industry. Gaming is no exception, and we see several remakes/remasters of popular games every year. Most recently, we got the remake of Last of You Part 1 Final Fantasy VII Remake, etc Shatter Remaster.

2023 is also going to be a big year for such remakes in the gaming industry. Resident Evil 4, System shockAnd Like a dragon There are only a few interesting remakes coming out this year. The 2023 remake is Kickstarter Dead Space, and there’s a lot of hype surrounding the game.

After the fiasco of The Callisto Protocol, fans are looking forward to playing the premier space horror game. With modern graphics and no major changes in the story, Dead Space has high expectations. The game will have something in the form of an alternate ending for older players.

We found out about this information in a tweet from Official Dead Space the account. Although the ending of the remake will be secret, it will not be so easy to access. As you can see in the tweet, only New Game+ will contain this secret ending.

In case you don’t know, New Game+ is only available when you play through a title completely. You can keep all the progress you made in the first playthrough in New Game+ and therefore have an easier time when you play again. So, this feature is very neat but only available after completing the game once.

As a result, players will have to play at least a remake of Dead Space. twice to reach Alternate ending. This could be a bummer for fans, as the inclusion of this ending in the first playthrough is what most will love. But, it encourages players to play this exciting remake twice, so it’s a win-win.

The tweet also states that the new Game+ will be available at launch and includes other goodies. You will get one. Level 6 Advanced Suite When you start playing a new game+ In addition, this feature will also add new enemies to the Dead Space remake.

New Phantom Variant Necromorphs New Game+ will be there for you to fight. So, you’ll get an alternate ending, and new enemies you’ve never seen before in the franchise in a second playthrough. When you consider these things, this new Game+ doesn’t seem like a bad proposition at all.

Dead Space will be launched. January 27, 2023And we can’t wait to see the secret ending. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC The game will be available at launch. Hopefully EA will provide an experience on par with the original.

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