The Samsung Wallet Payment app has expanded to eight new markets worldwide.


Samsung What is the announcement? that its Samsung Wallet payment app is now available in eight new markets: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. For those who haven’t used Samsung Wallet yet, some of the features it brings include Samsung Pay for card payments, Samsung Pass for identity management, digital home and car key storage, you Includes keeping vaccine records, and managing digital assets for viewing. Cryptocurrency prices and your crypto balances.

Samsung Wallet app

One of the previous expansions of Samsung Wallet happened in mid-October. The company decided to bring it to Bahrain, Denmark, Finland, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Norway, Oman, Qatar, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Vietnam and UAE. Earlier, it was available in China, France, Germany, UK and US.

“When Samsung launched Samsung Wallet last year, we made a commitment to create experiences and ensure access to the platform for as many people as possible through open partnerships with our businesses and service providers,” said Jeanie Han, EVP and Head of the Digital Wallet Team. Mobile Experience Business, Samsung Electronics. “Over the past several months, we’ve worked hard to rapidly expand the availability of Samsung Wallet, bringing the platform to more potential users. We look forward to sharing exciting new developments in the coming year.

While the app is now available in 29 markets, the company still has plenty of room to expand the service further. We’re only at the start of 2023 so it wouldn’t be too surprising if the company announced further expansion later in the year, although it hasn’t confirmed it.


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