The remake of Dead Space was produced in just 2.5 years.


Highlights of the story

  • The developers of Dead Space Remake held an AMA session, where various questions from fans were answered, including the development cycle, missing features, future updates, and more.
  • The remake reportedly took just 2.5 years to complete, surprising the community.
  • A quick 180 turn feature was initially planned for Isaac, but was scrapped due to lack of immersion.
  • EA Motive is also considering adding the level 1-6 suits as skins, but no DLC has been “promised” yet.

The Dead Space remake was critically acclaimed, but reportedly took less than three years to reach its peak upon release. The developers recently held an AMA session on the highlight. Dead Space Redditwhere the team touched on many development and gameplay questions.

The team noted how much time it took to recreate and polish the original Dead Space’s stunning next-gen. Development began in the game. September 2020; In other words, two and a half years were faithfully spent crafting the new Dead Space remake to meet all of the community’s expectations.

EA Motive describes the total development period spent on the Dead Space remake.

EA Motive immediately jumped on the Dead Space Remake project after releasing Star Wars: Squadrons in October 2020.

The short development period revealed surprised the community as it was enough for the developers to create an exciting action-horror venture that scares you every moment. One user replied, “Great. Three years and yall made a remake masterpiece. Greetings to you all!

The EA Motive team also touched on a feature that was initially supposed to be included in the new remake. The new feature would have given Isaac the ability to do a quick 180 whenever a Necromorph appeared out of nowhere. However, this would have drowned something out of the original title, so the team abandoned the idea.

Initially we wanted to add a quick 180 turn to Isaac. But we decided not to because it was breaking the dead space combat loop. The basic combat loop is about a terrifying and almost unstoppable threat coming at you. If you can turn and run faster it changes the combat experience a lot. So we didn’t,” wrote the EA Motive team at AMA.

The devs also responded in the affirmative when a user asked if the various available suits in New Game Plus could be worn primarily as skins. For example, a level 3 suit with level 6 stats. EA Motive reportedly “Investigating the possibility.but no DLC has been “promised” yet.

Moreover, EA Motive also acknowledged the praise and “Amount of prideDue to the high praise from the gaming industry as a developer.

The team noted how “The user scores, Metacritics, press headlines have been great but also the validation that…you know, we didn’t make it in the eyes of the original game’s DS community and devs!The developers apparently also received internal praise from various executives for achieving such high standards.

It’s worth noting that a remake usually takes much less time to develop than a new offering. This is due to the availability of older assets, including character designs, a set story, and so on. However, noting the development times required due to increased complexity in recent years is still an impressive milestone.

The Dead Space Remake was able to preserve the essence of the original while upgrading all the necessary elements to create a new threshold for the remake of the horror genre. The Dead Space remake has already reincarnated the action-horror genre.

What are your thoughts on the EA Motive team confirming that the Dead Space remake was only two and a half years in the making? Do you think the game took an ideal time to reach perfection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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