The One Piece Odyssey demo is now available to play.


Bandai Namco Entertainment’s upcoming open-world title One Piece Odyssey finally gave fans a glimpse into its world by launching a demo ahead of the game’s release to explore its fascinating journey.

Since the genre of this game is RPG, it has many elements that can be experienced in the main game. However, the demo version allows the player to experience 1-2 hours before the launch of the main game.

The player can experience the first two hours of their journey with Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. Files are small in size, up to 8 GB for gameplay demos.

The full version of the game will proceed with the installation progress. Progress made within the demo may be continued or transferred when the official game is released. Even if you have pre-ordered the game, you will be able to continue from where you saved after purchase.

One Piece Odyssey The demo is free to play. Xbox Series X|S And PlayStation 5. It will be downloaded from digital stores based on the consoles. By simply typing the title name One Piece Odyssey in the free filter list.

Sadly, there is no PC version of the demo yet. The gameplay will only be playable on select platforms. Meanwhile, there are many references and gameplay for a better overview of the original game.

What is included in the demo?

  • Luffy and his crew members land on a mysterious island called Waford.
  • Meeting Lim and Adio at the beginning of the game.
  • The purpose of the adventure, as described by the game’s producer.
  • Experience a basic game system.
  • A turn-based combat system that will give each Straw Hat member the ability to play a role in your party through based combat, similar to what you’d find in a game like Dragon Quest.

Main producer of One Piece Odyssey Katsuki Suzuki, on January 9 before the demo was released said,

One of the main reasons for choosing this range for the demo version is that the story is easy to understand. However, another reason is that while many users expect an immersive RPG worldview.

Bandai Namco Entertainment is launching its new RPG single-player open-world video game on January 13, 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

The demo version is not available for PC, but the full version will be launched. Don’t forget to download the demo to experience Straw Hat Pirates for yourself.

Can’t wait for the full version of One Piece Odyssey already? After playing the gameplay demo, share your experience in the comments below!

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