The Nintendo Switch set a US sales record that no other console has done in 30 years.


  • The Nintendo Switch is the first console in US history to top the sales charts for 5 consecutive years.
  • Since NPD began tracking the data in 1995, the Switch is the first console to receive it.
  • It’s possible the NES did it before in the 80s, but without the data to back it up, the Nintendo Switch comes out on top.

when Nintendo Switch came out first 2017, the hype around was through the roof. After the disappointment that Vu Then, everyone expected Nintendo to come back in a big way. But, no one could have imagined that the portable console would be as successful as it is today, even surpassing the giants of eight generations.

Since 2017, the Nintendo Switch has shown no signs of stopping and has been selling like hotcakes. It has broken records in France and Britain and launched games that have become pop culture icons. Now, the Switch tops the console sales charts. 5 years I in a row United StatesIt broke a three-decade-old record.

Recently, the NPD Group reported its year-end numbers for the gaming market in the United States. The Nintendo Switch topped console sales throughout the year. 2022. In doing so, the portable device has achieved a milestone never seen before in NPD history.

The Nintendo Switch has since become the first console. 1995 5 years running at the top of the sales chart. This has never happened before, as 1995 is the year NPD began tracking data in the US. So it is the first console in the country’s history to achieve this feat, at least according to current numbers.

Pier 485, who also collected this information, thinks that another Nintendo console may have done this before. If you’re from the 80s or know something from that era, Nintendo Entertainment System will be a familiar term. The NES, as it was soon called, was the beginning of the devices we call home consoles around the world.

Every parent, every child, and every living person knew about it and wanted to own it. So, the Nintendo Entertainment System was a great console for people around the world, at least until then. 1990. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that in this run of almost a decade, it had a longer streak than the Nintendo Switch.

However, NPD does not track video game industry data in the 80s when the NES was at its peak. As a result, we have no numbers to prove that there was a console. Top selling Console for more than 5 years non-stop. It’s highly likely, but without any proof, the Nintendo Switch is the only console to get it.

You could even say that the Nintendo Switch’s dominance in this era is a bigger success than if the NES did. The gaming industry is highly competitive, with several gaming companies such as Sony and Microsoft vying for the top spot. So, being the best-selling console in this generation is more difficult than ever.

The NES didn’t have a major system to compete with like the Nintendo Switch does. with 6 games I Top 20 In video game sales in the US, the console supports its dominance in the software department. At a time when there are dozens of major first-party and third-party releases from several major companies, this is a big deal.

Nintendo Switch Games
6 Nintendo Switch Games in Top 20 for 2022

All of these numbers are retail sales only for Nintendo products, as the company does not release digital data. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would be high on the list. No matter what the obstacles, the Nintendo Switch and its games are succeeding.

2023 It will be interesting as the PlayStation 5 shortage ends around the world. It is already the highest-grossing console of any console in 2022. So, we can’t wait to see who wins the battle of these giants this year.

Who do you think will come out on top in the console wars in 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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