The Nintendo Switch 2 could start production in 2023.


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  • Renowned Japanese tech journalist Zenji Nishikawa believes that the Nintendo Switch 2 will enter production in 2023.
  • He believes Nintendo will make a move this year, and that human activism has already begun.
  • A VIP guest from an American semiconductor manufacturing company is visiting Japan.
  • Nintendo consoles have used the company’s tech, and the reporter thinks this personal tour is for the Nintendo Switch 2.

If one console has confirmed its place among the greats in the modern era, it’s the Nintendo Switch. But, even with the massive commercial success, there are no signs of a next-generation sequel for the handheld console. Now, a well-known Japanese journalist thinks so. Nintendo Switch 2 I will enter the development. 2023.

Zenji NishikawaA popular tech journalist thinks Nintendo is moving behind the scenes. It’s getting hardware from an American semiconductor company, and Nishikawa believes something will happen in 2023.

Fans have been waiting for an upgrade to the Nintendo Switch for a long time. It has been almost 6 years since its release. 2017, And the console definitely needs better tech. However, there has been no official announcement of a Switch or even a sequel. Pro version.

On the contrary, Nintendo announced that it would. Speed ​​up production of console to meet the demand. So, it looks like the company has no immediate plans to release a successor. And, given how successful the Nintendo Switch is right now, you can’t really blame the company.

But, it’s clear that the handheld will need a tech upgrade sooner or later to run new games. Even in the market to compete with the Steam deck, a Nintendo Switch 2 with better specs is needed more than ever. According to Zenji Nishikawa, the company has started working on it behind the scenes.

Zenji Nishikawa is a well-known tech reporter in Japan, and his words carry weight. When asked what 2023 will bring in regards to the console, he said he won’t.Irresponsible predictionsBut, he says there has been some movement towards a new console from Nintendo in 2023.

In an issue of Famitsu earlier this year, Nishikawa gave us this interesting tidbit. The journalist said that he knows that the Nintendo Switch 2 is making progress in the hardware department, which is why “Human activities“We get a better idea from the references provided. A revolution in sports,

I personally think Nintendo will make some moves in terms of new hardware. Even if it didn’t actually go on sale.”

So, the console is far from being on the market; This can start production. New hardware. What Nishikawa said next is even more interesting. According to the reporter, a “Super VIPAn American company that makes Semiconductors quietly visiting Japan.

This is a very private tour, and the company rarely comes to Japan. He says the company’s products have previously been used in Nintendo consoles. Possibly meaning, the purpose of the visit is related to the production of the Nintendo Switch 2.

I happened to hear that a ‘super VIP’ person from an American semiconductor company, who rarely comes to Japan, is quietly making a personal visit to Japan. The company’s products have also been used in Nintendo’s game consoles in the past.

As a result of this behind-the-scenes movement, Nishikawa believes a Switch sequel could enter development in 2023. The fans On Reddit There is a debate about which American company is supplying hardware to Nintendo. Many think it is Nvidiabecause its processor is inside the Nintendo Switch.

gave Terga X1 processor 2017 is part of the handheld, while there is also an upcoming sequel. Rumor To have an Nvidia chip. According to the leak, Tegra T239 chip Nintendo Switch 2 will be a component. But, there’s a hitch in this theory, Nvidia doesn’t manufacture semiconductors itself.

It doesn’t matter which company is supplying the hardware, although we are concerned with the development of the Nintendo Switch 2. These are just rumors right now, and you should take them with a grain of salt. Hopefully, we’ll see something official revealed soon.

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