The next Witcher game may have co-op and PvE.


  • CD Projekt Red is developing a number of new games.
  • According to the job posting, these games may have multiplayer components.
  • One of those titles is the new Witcher game.

CD Projekt Red, developer of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher games, is hard at work developing several new titles. They are currently developing 3 new The Witcher games, The Witcher 1 remake, a new Cyberpunk game, and a brand new IP.

Several job postings for the Boston-based studio hint at a multiplayer element to the game. This is not surprising as CDPR itself has said in the past that multiplayer will be a part of future games. The job posting indicates that people with co-op multiplayer experience are wanted.

gave A flood of molasses CDPR is known for being the developer of one of the upcoming The Witcher titles, where these job postings are. In a one-for-one posting Senior Multiplayer Designerthe job description is as follows:

CD PROJEKT RED is looking for a Senior Multiplayer Designer to support their ambitious project The Molasses Flood Development Studio. The person in this role will help drive the vision and execution of the multiplayer experience in our game. Working closely with the Lead Multiplayer Designer and Design Director, you will actively work on adding multiplayer gameplay features, game modes, player development and social systems, all from concept to implementation. will take up to.”

The candidate had the following required experiences:

  • At least 6 years of overall game design experience, ideally in a multiplayer or core gameplay position, with at least 1 AA/AAA shipped title with strong multiplayer design elements.
  • Strong expertise working with Unreal Engine 4 and/or Unreal Engine 5.
  • Experiment with co-op multiplayer design.
  • Extremely passionate about multiplayer games and systems (game modes, class design, player development, social activities, etc.).

If we’re imagining what multiplayer might look like in a Witcher game, it seems like any co-op would be similar to the co-op mode in Alden Ring. Being able to invite other players into your world to fight a challenging boss.

It’s good to see CDPR return to progressive multiplayer. A multiplayer GTA-like component was in development for Cyberpunk 2077 but was canceled after the mod’s launch due to a random release.

CD Projekt Red is also moving quickly with its new The Witcher games. CDPR is developing an all-new trilogy and expects all 3 to be released within a 6-year window of each other. On top of a new cyberpunk game and a new IP, it looks like CDPR will be busy. But with recent expansions and studio acquisitions, the CD Projekt team is bigger than ever.

Back in March, CDPR announced the first of these new games. It may be a few years before we get to play these games, but CD Projekt is laser-focused on developing and releasing a trilogy of games over a 6-year period. Let’s see if they can pull it off.

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