The next-gen Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 may reduce the center crease.


Galaxy Z Fold 4

A common feature across all generations of Samsung’s foldable smartphones is that where the device bends, there is a crease that remains on both the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip series of phones.

However, as reported by Laker Ice Universe, Samsung is going to adopt a waterdrop-style hinge on the next-generation “Galaxy Z Fold 5”, which is a visible crease surface while maintaining water resistance. which the Galaxy Z Fold 4 currently enjoys. .

Notably, all other manufacturers such as Oppo and Motorola are already using the waterdrop style design, which allows the display to bend slightly at the hinge, reducing the amount of creasing on the visible part of the screen. Is.

Currently, it is not known when Samsung will launch the next generation of foldable devices. However, it is currently gearing up to launch the Galaxy S23 series of phones in the coming weeks.

Source: @UniverseIce (Twitter)


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