The new Red Fall Lake reportedly reflects its price in Europe.


  • The Red Fall will reportedly cost 79.99 euros (which is about $69.99), according to an insider.
  • The upcoming game will also offer a deluxe edition. The user can upgrade to the deluxe edition by paying an additional 29.99 euros.
  • Microsoft has raised the price of its first-party titles to $69.99 USD, which has led to price hikes for its upcoming titles.
  • Microsoft has not officially revealed the expected price of its upcoming rendition.

According to a new rumor, Redfall is apparently going to be priced in Europe. leaky, Bill Bill, Sharing the information on his Twitter handle, revealing the upcoming Redfall’s new price tag for the European region. Redfall’s extravagant price tag will be put a dent 79.99 euros (Which approx $69.99In your wallet.

What’s more, Arkane Studio’s upcoming entry will also come with a deluxe version, like most AAA games that have multiple editions. It will offer an upgrade to the Deluxe Edition, which will have an additional enhancement. 29.99 euros on the price tag, according to the accredited insider.

The leaker has a credible track record of leaking PlayStation Plus games and Epic Games Store giveaways over the course of a few months without a single mistake. Bill Bill Steam and Epic Games correctly claimed the GTA Trilogy’s arrival on the Store just a few days ago, which was later officially announced.

Even so, we recommend taking the leak with a grain of salt, as Microsoft may change the price internally at any time before its release. At the time of writing Microsoft has not yet officially announced Redfall’s pricing.

Consumers have expressed concerns on various forums regarding the exorbitant price of Redfall. However, European prices are higher due to the taxes imposed, which generally increase the cost of sports in the region.

The price of the game looks pretty steep, but it’s worth noting that Redfall will be available on Xbox Game Pass. Any gamer with an active Game Pass membership will be able to enjoy a high-budget AAA game without spending a dime. The game can still boast many players due to being available on Game Pass.

In regards to Microsoft’s price hikes for AAA games, the company announced that it will raise the prices of its first-party games. $69.99 Only a month ago, so the allegedly high price should not come as a surprise. An initiative initially initiated by Sony has now turned into an industry standard across the globe.

Speaking to IGNa Microsoft spokesperson noted, “This price reflects the content, scale and technical complexity of these titles.“He continued,”As with all games developed by our teams on Xbox, they will be available with Game Pass on the day they launch.

Redfall is one of Microsoft’s most anticipated games to be released this year after much delay. The upcoming open-world first-person shooter is being developed by developers from Prey & Dahnord Arcane Studios Austin and will be published by Bethesda Softworks.

The action shooter title will feature single-player and co-op modes and a choice of four characters against other enemies such as vampires and humans.

Redfall is slated to release in the early months of 2023. However, according to recent reports, the entry is likely to have an internal delay of at least six weeks. The strongest rumors suggest that the awaited entry may release in the first week of May. Regardless, Microsoft has yet to announce a specific release date.

What are your thoughts on the recent surfacing of Redfall’s European price? Do you think the price tag is too high for a first-party title from Microsoft? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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