The new PlayStation 5 beta version includes Discord voice chat, VRR at 1440p, and more.


John Callham


Feb 2, 2023 08:58 EST

Discord voice chat support for Sony PlayStation 5 as part of the latest beta release

Sony has just started rolling out the latest. Playstation 5 beta update For testers in the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany and France. It has some new features and improvements, and perhaps the biggest new addition is the addition of Discord voice chat support. PS5 beta testers can now chat with gamers on most platforms that Discord supports.

Players will need to connect both their PlayStation Network and Discord accounts, and if you’re a tester, you can learn how to do it right now. This page on the Discord website. Next, open the Discord mobile app or Discord on your PC to start a voice chat on the PS5 console.

If you play with your PS5 with a TV or monitor connected to an HDMI 2.1 port that supports 1440p resolution, the new beta release now adds variable refresh rate (VRR) support for this display option. The beta also adds 1440p support for more displays.

Here’s a quick summary of what else is included in the new PS5 beta:

  • The beta allows players to either send a share screen request to a friend or start sharing your screen directly from a friend’s profile.
  • Party chats have a new icon that lets you know you can join a game your party members are playing.
  • In the Games Hubs feature, you can see which of your friends have the game and who is currently online and playing the game.
  • The new beta allows players to upload screenshots or game clips from the PS5 console to the PS app so you can share them with friends.
  • The Game Library feature now lets you search for both PSVR and upcoming PSVR2 games. Now you can also sort and filter games when adding new games to the game list.
  • The beta also includes a feature where you can choose who can join and who can invite other players to any multiplayer game you’ve created.
  • Accessing save data from a PS4 game to your PS5 console is now easy. When you download or install a PS4 game on PS5, a new notification will appear, stating that PS4 save data is now available.
  • If you want to transfer your data from your existing PS5 console to a new console, the beta now allows you to do so with your local Wi-Fi network over a LAN connection. This includes things like games, saved data, user profiles, settings, screenshots and videos.
  • The Screen Reader Accessibility feature has some new options, including telling you where your current position is in the menu and where you can move to in that menu.
  • DualSense wireless controller owners can now update the software inside with a wireless connection.
  • Finally, US and UK testers can try voice commands for game capture. You can say, “Hey PlayStation, capture this” to save the video clip, or if you want a specific time, you can say, “Hey PlayStation, capture the last 5 minutes.” You can also say, “Hey PlayStation, start recording” to start a video clip, and then say “Hey PlayStation, stop recording” to end it.

Keep in mind that all of these features in the PS5 beta may change when they are released to the general PS5 console audience. In fact, some of these features may be canceled altogether.

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