The new League of Legends patch 13.1B brings welcome changes to the heroes and game system


Highlights of the story

  • The new 13.1B League patch tweaks nerfs for multiple characters.
  • Lilia, Oriana, and Zoe are the only characters that will be buffed in this patch.
  • Many new quality of life changes and system changes are also present in this patch.

League of Legends is one of the oldest and most profound multiplayer games of the 21st century. Although receiving a lot of hate, it still has a player base, players who patiently wait for new patches and updates as they often change the entire game and the characters in it. Fortunately, this new one does not disappoint.

the final 12.22 League Patch Focused on extreme hero transformations to balance the power dynamics. This was the last patch for Dragonlands, and the team decided to double down on the Treasure Dragon mechanic and send out a ton of buffs and some reworks.

Well, this time around, they decided to push a patch that focuses more on the nerf side to counter the many buffs given out for the previous handful of patches.

League of Legends
League of Legends 13.1B Patch Notes

Before going into the details of Patch 13.1B, the team had a small note regarding the patch delay. Due to the recent social engineering attack, League patch 13.2 will not be deployed on 1/24 as planned. The dev teams have been hard at work for the past two days and have a hotfix ready to be deployed on Thursday.

First we have some changes. Iram. The most prominent of these changes is the range of boxes. Shiko can now only have 6 boxes on the map at a time. Placing more traps than this number will result in less time before the box disappears.

of the Gangplunk, he’s somewhat deranged, making his endgame weaker, but not too different from the current live status. His AD growth bonus damage has both been reduced slightly.

In addition to other champions, Lilia has suffered nerfs. Passive AP scaling increased, Q AP scaling increased, E AP scaling increased, and cooldowns now decrease with rank. Patch details also strike the cool side of this Champions kit.

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