The new Forza Horizon 5 update introduces features for the High Performance series.


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  • A new Forza Horizon 5 update has arrived and introduced new features to the racing sim ahead of the “High Performance” series.
  • Bug fixes, new cars and other special upgrades are also part of this patch, according to the release notes.

Developer Playground Games has recently released a new patch full of fresh updates for Forza Horizon 5. This new update prepares the game for what’s to come.High performance” series and adds several new features to the racing sim. All platforms including Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series S, PC and Steam can download this patch now which contains many new upgrades. Patch notes.

First, some of the features added by this Forza Horizon 5 update will be available as soon as you download it. These include the Permanent Oval Circuit Road Race, which is also available with a dedicated competitor leaderboard, 21 accolades and 3 badges. Also, this patch removed the requirements to bind the ANNA/Forza link when creating custom controller profiles.

Forza Horizon 5 Patch Notes
Forza Horizon 5 Patch Notes

On PC, Intel XeSS Supersampling is now available in Forza Horizon 5 as a temporary upscaling solution. Additionally, skin tone colors will be available for hearing aids and prosthetics. This update also adds an EventLab Piñata Helmet prop to the racing simulator. Going forward, some new features in the game will only be accessible from April 28 to May 25.

If you don’t know, this is the period of the “High Performance” series and these upgrades are only for it. These features include the freeroom oval circuit in the stadium. The racing title will feature four returning speed traps including Horizon Baja, East Resort, Tulum and Pantano Pass. In addition, you can also access three returning speed zones in Forza Horizon 5 namely Green Hills, River Run, and Piñata Helmet.

New unlockable cars include the 2021 Audi RS 6 Avant, 2021 Porsche MissionR, and 2020 Lamborghini Huracàn STO. After that, many bug fixes are also part of this new Forza Horizon 5 update per the patch notes. Among the general fixes, the issue of preventing the game from marking roads will no longer bother players. The patch also fixed an issue where the HUD would get stuck in the middle of the screen.

Moving on to the cars, the roll cages will now appear correctly when you install the StreetFighter LA body kit from now on. A bug that incorrectly displayed the 1964 Emory 356C as a model year 1960 has been fixed in Forza Horizon 5.Photogenic” The definition will show the exact number in the description going forward. Additionally, the “I location bugA change of scenery” has been fixed by this new patch.

The multiplayer mode also includes some bug fixes including for the festival outpost display during races. An issue preventing players from using the rewind feature after finishing an eliminator match has also been fixed. For Rally Adventure, you can complete the “Azrite Sprint Challenge“And”Forest Trail Master“Without a hitch now.

In addition, this update fixed a bug that did not allow achievements on Steam and the Xbox app to match. The Ford Focus RS will also be present at the auto show when you unlock it in Forza Horizon 5 right now. Last but not least, this new update has fixed a number of issues with VO.

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