The new Forspoken Lake reveals final boss gameplay.


Forspoken is the upcoming action role-playing effort from Luminous Productions, which has been highly anticipated by the community. Square Enix’s new IP has already seen its fair share of polemical situations and leaks, and it looks like another major leak has just emerged from the depths of YouTube to join the rest.

Forspoken has suffered a major leak that reveals its end. The entry’s final boss battle gameplay has been leaked online, revealing the final central combat section players will face before the end of the game. The leak came two days before its expected release.

The 20-minute video was shared on YouTube by a “named channel”.電擊屋 Taiwan Game Show.Details about the leak are unknown; It is not clear on which platform it was recorded. Additionally, the community is curious about how there is only one channel. 2.6k subscribers Accessed such exclusive footage.

We recommend watching the video and reading the rest of the article carefully as it may contain potential spoilers regarding the ending of Forspoken. In short, the video is packed with combat, interactions, and an overall cinematic experience that would mean if users played the entire story.

The Forsaken Ending begins in a cutscene where Freya rides a dragon to fight a giant abomination. The cinematic gameplay maintains multiple sequences during boss fights and has a lot of dialogue. For example, Freya calls the final boss “A piece of gaslight ****” at one point in the video.

Freya’s excessive talking, exaggeration, poor voice acting, and large amounts of on-screen particles have been the main source of criticism from the community. According to viewers in the video’s comments, the visuals and facial expressions seem lifeless despite the game’s use of motion capture technology.

The graphics seem degraded by a wide margin, but this could also be due to the possible device used in the recording. However, some viewers praised the fight. The leak also unveiled menus and UI elements that looked better than the demo, but the writing was entirely Chinese.

It’s still unclear how such a massive Forsaken leak slipped past Square Enix’s radar. However, the video is still up and running, spreading like wildfire across internet forums. The giant group should DMCA strike the video as soon as they see it.

Regardless, this isn’t the first major leak to hit Square Enix’s upcoming new IP. Forspoken’s first hour of gameplay was recently leaked online in a similar fashion.

Recently, major gaming outlets and game critics were apparently ignored by Square Enix and did not receive a pre-launch review code for the title. Additionally, the apparently high PC system requirements are also a concern, which led to aversion among PC gamers who were interested in playing Forspoken.

However, despite the scorn in the community Forspoken seems to be selling like hotcakes. For example, it ranks second on the Amazon US PlayStation 5 best-selling games chart, surpassed only by Hogwarts Legacy.

If you’re planning on buying Forspoken, this might clear up possibly the biggest problem with the video game:

What are your thoughts on this new leak that reveals the gameplay of Forspoken’s final boss battle? Do you think Freya, as a main character, talks too much? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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