The Monster Hunter franchise has now sold over 90 million copies worldwide.


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  • According to Capcom’s new sales update, the Monster Hunter franchise has sold over 90 million units worldwide.
  • Monster Hunter World is still the best-selling game in the series and Capcom’s history.
  • It is now the 2nd best selling Capcom franchise, behind only Resident Evil.

Monster Hunter is since 2004 And they have released amazing games in 19 years. But, it wasn’t until then. Monster Hunter World The series became a global phenomenon and set several sales milestones. Now the game has reached another milestone in its history, continuing its successful run.

According to Capcom’s new Platinum Titles update, the Monster Hunter franchise has now sold out. 90 million copies Worldwide. This comes 3 months after the last update, which put it at 88 million sales. Hence, the series has sold 2 million units during the last 3 months, making it a very successful run for the series.

Over the past few years, Monster Hunter has become a name synonymous with role-playing games. Although it was a popular franchise. Japan First 2018, it never received mainstream attention overseas. But, since the release of Monster Hunter World, the series has become one of Capcom’s biggest original IPs.

All of the 2018 releases under the title have sold millions of copies and received critical acclaim. The franchise has become so popular in such a short period of time that it even got a movie adaptation. Granted, it was really bad, and Paul W. S. Anderson Killed another Capcom IP. Horror adaptations are now a part of most gaming franchises.

Hence, the series has become one of the most popular IPs in the gaming world due to its recent success. During this run, he has achieved many achievements, including Best selling game Capcom’s history with Monster Hunter: World. The company recently updated its sales. Platinum titles after this Third quarter report Come out.

According to these latest worldwide sales lists, the Monster Hunter franchise has reached another milestone. It has now sold over 90 million copies worldwide, achieving a new milestone. These sales numbers are accurate. 31 December 2022The day Capcoms third quarter ended.

Monster Hunter Capcom
Capcom’s 20 Best-Selling Platinum Games

Earlier, the series was on 88 million Worldwide sales after the company’s last quarterly report. Sales were recorded up to this quarterly report. 30 September 2022. Meaning the Monster Hunter franchise sold more. 2 million copies During these 3 months, which is a worthy performance.

There were no new releases during this period, as the PlayStation and Xbox versions of Monster Hunter Rise only came out last month. So, the older releases had strong legs to make it to 90 million.

Monster Hunter Rise contributed the most to this cause. It was sold. 500k Copies during this time, while his Sunbreak extension Also made 500k Sales When you consider that all of these sales are on Nintendo Switch and PC, this milestone becomes even more remarkable.

Overall, Monster Hunter Rise is sold out. 11.7 million copies around the world. Meanwhile, Sunbreak has an expansion 4.9 million Unit sales, according to Capcom data. With other home consoles due this quarter, the 2021 release will do even more.

Even with Rise’s success, Monster Hunter World remains the best-selling game in the franchise. He sold the other one. 100k copies During the period from October to December, till the end of his lifetime 18.6 million. So, it is not only the best selling monster hunter game, but also Number 1 Capcom product sales of all time.

Other games in the franchise also sold well and helped it reach 90 million. Monster Hunter World: Icebornean expansion pack for the 2018 RPG, sold out. 300k As a result, the units are not up to sale in its lifetime 10 millionThis is another big success for the series.

Spin-off titles also made an impact, viz Tales of Monster Hunter 2: Wings of Ruin Also sold 100k Units are its lifetime sales now. 1.7 million, this is an impressive achievement. The spin-off only came out on the Nintendo Switch and PCwhich gives more credibility to the sale.

Overall, the Monster Hunter franchise is still there Second best seller Capcom IP. Resident Evil is still tied for #1. 135 million In lifetime sales, it has a huge lead over the franchise’s 90 million. However, signs are looking good for the RPG series.

It has continued to grow this quarter and shows no signs of stopping. The arrival of Monster Hunter Rise on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One will only boost overall sales. Who knows, with a few more successful releases, it will surpass even Resident Evil.

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