The Microsoft Bing Compact View toggle has been noticed by some users.


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If you use Microsoft Bing as your default Internet search engine, you may have come across a new feature that the company has yet to officially announce. “yokoffing”, a member of the Bing reddit group (through MS Power User) have taken screenshots of a new toggle that has appeared in some Bing search results called “Compact View”.

Bing Compact View

The new toggle is placed in the upper left corner of some Bing search results. When enabled, CompactView reduces the amount of information on the search results page. However, this also has the advantage of making the result page look less cluttered and busy so people may be able to find information on their search queries faster.

Note that “yokoffing” says that the compact view toggle does not appear in every search result. It only appears if there is a Wikipedia entry for the search prompt. It looks like Microsoft is testing the feature with a few people in the wild before rolling out CompactView to more users.

MSPoweruser points out that this feature was tested in Bing before 2021, but this new version makes a number of changes to the layout of search results. Hopefully, Microsoft will reveal more about this feature in the near future.

Source: Bing on reddit through MS Power User


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