The Microsoft-backed BSA calls for federal rules and guidelines on AI.


Artificial intelligence

The BSA, the advocacy group that represents some of the biggest names in the tech industry, has come out with a document outlining some basic principles for AI. The group is calling on Congress to clarify when companies must evaluate the design or impact of AI, specifically when AI is used to make “consequential decisions,” which the BSA It is said that the Congress should also explain it.

The group represents companies like Adobe, Oracle, SAP, IBM, and more and was founded by Microsoft in 1988. Notably, Google is not a member of this group. In addition to clearly defining the requirements, the BSA also requires an existing federal agency to review company certifications of compliance with these rules and to develop risk management programs for companies for high-risk AI.

Craig Albright, vice president of US government relations at BSA, said:

“We’re an industry group that wants Congress to pass this legislation. So we’re trying to bring more attention to this opportunity. We feel like it hasn’t gotten as much attention as it could have. It should be. It’s not meant to be an answer to every question about AI, but it’s an important answer to an important question about AI that Congress can address.”

The BSA says the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) is the right vehicle for these new AI rules, and they are hoping that when ADPPA is reintroduced, it will include new language to regulate AI. will contain The group has also approached the House Energy and Commerce Committee about its proposals, and it appears the committee is willing to listen to different voices. There is still plenty of time for this bill to become law, and The BSA has outlined a framework. That the government should invest.

Source: CNBC


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