The Microsoft Azure CLX program adds data and AI skills courses with certificates.


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Apr 11, 2023 15:18 EDT

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Microsoft has started Three new courses to help data professionals develop new skills in its Microsoft Azure Connected Learning Experience (CLX) program. The courses are in data and AI and are described as personalized, self-paced, and include certificates to show you’ve completed them.

An overview of the courses is presented in the table below:

New courses Who should participate? Course content

AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution

Azure AI Engineer, AI Developer, AI Expert

This course enhances your understanding of building, managing, and deploying AI solutions that leverage Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Applied AI Services. It is designed for learners who are experienced in all phases of developing AI solutions.

DP-300: Managing Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions

Database Management Specialists, Database Administrators

In this course, you will learn to build and manage cloud-native and hybrid data platform solutions based on SQL Server and SQL Database Services. The track is designed for database administrators familiar with database design and management for on-premises and cloud databases developed using SQL Server and SQL Database Services.

DP-420: Designing and Implementing Cloud-Native Applications Using Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB Developer, Database Developer, Data Developer Expert

This track covers the design and implementation of data models, data distribution, data loading, and integration within Azure Cosmos DB and various Azure services. It is designed for learners who specialize in designing, implementing and monitoring cloud-native applications that store and manage data.

One of the great things about courses is that they are personalized. You will initially take a knowledge assessment consisting of 20 questions which will work if you can skip any material. This will help you use your time more efficiently so you can go ahead and get that certificate. After the assessment is over, you’ll be able to engage in interactive labs to build your understanding of course content, participate in virtual cram sessions, and then complete practice tests.

Along with all this, Microsoft will give you a certificate of completion as well as a 50 percent discount on the cost of the Microsoft Azure certification exam. To get started with these courses, you are encouraged to visit this course. Microsoft Cloud Events Portal.

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