The login prompt for Twitter search is back a few months after Elon Musk wanted it.


A 3D Twitter logo

It looks like the search feature on Twitter has been disabled again for those who don’t have an account. Last year, there were many news reports that famous iPhone hacker George Hotz (Jeo Hotz) Twitter became an intern.. One of their tasks was to remove the login prompt when using Twitter search.

He, or someone else in the company, successfully removed the login prompt and that’s it. It is possible to search Twitter without logging in., that is, until now. If you go to Twitter without logging in now, you’ll be taken to the Explore feed and there won’t be a search box at all. If you click on a tweet, the search option appears, but trying to search with it brings up a login prompt.

Also, when you’re on the Explore feed, you should see a hashtag icon on the left next to the word ‘Explore’, but if you resize the browser window on desktop, it’s back for some reason. Changes to the search icon. , maybe it’s a leftover.

The fact is that search is not usable for people who are not signed in. CEO Elon Musk is actively trying to get people to become Twitter subscribers. It has even removed the legacy blue mark from the accounts of famous people in recent times. Search could have been turned off to lure users to the platform, including those who left because of the controversy after Musk took over.


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