The latest Xbox Custom Controller features a summer-themed art design from the OPI nail brand.


OP xbox controller

Microsoft is once again offering an exclusive custom-colored Xbox controller for a limited time. Last week, it announced several designs at the Xbox Design Lab to promote the upcoming game. Red Fall. Today’s controller reveal is based on something very different.

Microsoft’s Xbox blog post Synced Vibes has revealed the OPI Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller. It was created in collaboration with the famous OPI nail brand. It features four different colors on the controller sections inspired by OPI’s Summer Make the Rules nail color collection:

Start by painting your thumbnails in Stilettos with OPI Sanding as the perfect complement to the glossy, pearly melon top case image. Or even out your look and match a bold, glossy d-pad with a fleck of OPI on the beach. More adventurous gamers can embrace the controller’s pastel back case, bumpers, and thumbsticks by channeling OPI’s Surf Necked Blue. And as a finishing touch, enjoy the summer season inspired by the glow of the Xbox button and all the action, all OPI summer Monday-Friday attitude.

You can. Pre-order the controller now for $69.99.. It will also be available exclusively at Target stores in the US.


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