The latest Twitter bug is logging off many users from its website.


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It’s another day, and another big problem for people trying to use Twitter. Several online reports claim that people who signed into the social network on Twitter’s website are now being logged off, and even kicked out if they log back in. Is.

We can confirm that this bug is happening on our personal Twitter account with its desktop site, and “Desktop Twitter” phrase There is an ironic trend on the social network at the moment with many similar reports. The issue appears to be occurring only on Twitter’s website and does not appear to be affecting the company’s mobile apps at this time.

gave Official Twitter Status website No indication that this bug is occurring, and Twitter support account There are no reports on this bug either. However, this is just the latest glitch at the social network since Elon Musk bought the company in 2022. Hopefully this latest issue will be resolved soon.


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