The latest Microsoft Edge 112 stable version has new security improvements and more.


John Callham


Apr 6, 2023 22:20 EDT

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Microsoft has released the latest stable version of its Edge web browser. The new version, 112.0.1722.34, includes some new security improvements, some new features for its web app policy, and more. Here is the full changelog:

Feature update

  • Improved security mode. Enhanced Security Mode now supports WebAssembly for ARM64. Cross-platform support is now available for x64 Windows, x64 macOS, x64 Linux and ARM64 systems. For more information see Browse more securely with Microsoft Edge..
  • Added features for Web App Policy. gave WebAppInstallForceList policy lets administrators configure a list of web apps that are installed silently, without user interaction, and that users cannot uninstall or close. This policy now supports custom_name, which permanently overrides the app name of installed apps, and custom_icon, which permanently overrides the app icon of installed apps.
  • JSON viewer in browser. Improvements to how JSON files are displayed in the browser, including a color-coded treeview with line numbers and the ability to collapse and expand data. This functionality will be triggered automatically when the browser visits a JSON file on the web or the user opens a local file. Additional features and enhancements will be made available as they become available. For more information see See Formatted JSON – Microsoft Edge Development. Note: This is a controlled feature rollout. If you don’t see this feature, check back as we continue our rollout or you can go to edge://flags and search for JSON Viewer to enable manually.
  • Updated new tab page policy.. gave NewTabPageHideDefaultTopSites The policy hides the default top sites from the new tab page in Microsoft Edge. Starting March 20, it will also remove sponsored quick links from the new tab page when the policy is activated.

Policy updates

New policies

You can find the official release notes here. Here:

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