The last part 1 patch 1.0.4 from us for PC improves hardware usage


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  • Update v1.0.4 is live for The Last of Us Part 1 on PC. The patch seeks to improve overall performance and optimization while fixing several bugs in the game.
  • New setting options have been added in the latest patch. Improved graphical fidelity for certain presets.
  • Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy are reviewing player feedback and will continue to update the game to improve its condition.

Naughty dog A new update has been released for The Last of Us Part 1 On a PC that wants to improve performance across the board. According to Patch notesv1.0.4 included. Frame rate correction, Graphical And Structure Fidelity adjustments, crash fixes, and more. The developers have said that they will release additional. CPU optimizationframerate, and texture fidelity improvements in upcoming patches.

Special issues for AMD hardware such as crashes on CPUs with limited connectivity X3D core and texture rendering In the wrong way Focused on AMD GPUs. success Bugs on Steam have also been fixed. Additionally, an issue on Steam Deck where resetting display settings to default is no longer enabled. AMD FSR 2 has been resolved.

General fixes to The Last of Us Part 1 v1.0.4

Based on the details mentioned in the patch notes, CPU And GPU usage The entire game has been optimized. This should increase performance significantly on most hardware configurations. Also, texture fidelity and resolution in the game less And medium Settings have been optimized. Graphical fidelity has also been enhanced at low presets. The patch notes state that water surfaces will no longer be black.

Our Final Part 1 v1.0.4 Patch Notes for PC
Our Final Part 1 v1.0.4 Patch Notes for PC

Many Accident factors Also fixed in v1.0.4 for The Last of You Part 1. Shader buildingLeaving the Main menuand when the player character Dies after the fight.. Other issues such as longer than usual wait times when booting the game for time have been fixed.

The Last of Us Part 1 has also added new developments. These include an option to lock and unlock performance stats simultaneously in the HUD menu. Texture streaming rate Also added explanations to the Options Graphics menu to better explain when some settings may affect others. gave Range finder The reticle position for the bow has also been corrected. Ultra wide display.

The update also fixes other issues in an effort to improve the overall state of the game. Problems like sports Hanging When cutscenes are skipped during a critical load and Shader load warnings Fixed failure to appear when restarting the game. Screen reader Inconsistencies will increase with the downward pointing problem using the keyboard and mouse. Camera sensitivity has been corrected.

Localization errors Fixed for Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, LATAM Spanish, Spanish, Thai and Traditional Chinese. Also, the handling of some Orders The assignment to the same KBM binding has been improved.

The Last of Us Part 1 is out now for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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