The Last of Us Part 1 PC first-person mode is reportedly in development.


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  • Just two weeks after its release, The Last of Us Part 1 PC version already has a first-person mode in development by YouTuber VoyagersRevenge.
  • A new video of nearly ten minutes of gameplay shows Joel’s stunning first-person perspective, which has fans excited about the mode.
  • The video showed the gameplay on the highest difficulty, in addition to additional resources. Additionally, a custom HUD was enabled for Ground Mode via specific settings.
  • No additional information, such as a release date, is available for the mod yet, but it’s expected that the YouTuber will release new footage if the video hits 2,000 likes.

Our last Part 1 PC version was released just a few weeks ago, and it’s already going to be even more immersive, with a new first-person mode in Brewer. We will soon be able to experience the fascinating world of fungi through Joel’s eyes. Famous YouTuber, Voyagers RevengeCinematic is known for making gameplay videos, reportedly working on the mod in question for the survival horror experience.

The nearly ten-minute video features Joel dealing with both human and metahuman enemies from a first-person perspective, giving us a high-quality look at every edge of the grass. According to the creator, all of the encounters seen in the video have the highest difficulty for the game, resulting in a realistic enough experience even for those familiar with the allure of The Last of You Part 1 on PC. For the fans.

Weapons have also been upgraded.Allow aggressive gameplay.The only exception to the difficulty is the abundant availability of resources. Additionally, certain settings were tinkered to allow some HUDs to be displayed in ground mode for added realism in the video. “Custom difficulty also allows some HUD elements to be viewed on the ground.It’s worth noting that there isn’t much information available for the mod.

The YouTuber hasn’t specified when the mod will be released. The only hint we currently have is that we might see another update in the form of a video once the aforementioned gameplay reaches 2000 likes. Aside from the first-person mode, we don’t even know what other changes it might bring upon release. Even so, the FPS mode alone looks quite remarkable and makes The Last of Us Part 1 look like a brand new game.

While the first-person camera perspective syncs ideally with character movement, it also comes with a few hiccups that could use correction before the mod’s final release. In some of the video clips, the gun appears to be misplaced in some scenes, making the combat and animations look a bit strange for users with sharp eyes. Regardless, it still manages to capture the beauty of the world presented in The Last of You Part 1.

All in all, it’s pretty surprising that such an immersive mode popped up just two weeks after the game’s official release on PC. The Last of Us Part 1 PC release was not without its hiccups, as many bugs and poor optimizations were present in the game, like many recent PC ports. Although the initial release disappointed fans and dropped its ratings to mostly negative, many patches since then have improved the game to the desired level.

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