The head of PlayStation production says adaptations are failures if only gamers like them.


  • The co-head of PlayStation Production has said that the adaptability of new audiences determines their success.
  • According to Asad Qazalbash, if only gamers like them, they are a failure.
  • So, the studio adapts for both players and new audiences.

One debate that will always rage in the gaming community is that of video game adaptations. Although the quality of recent movies and TV shows based on the world of gaming has improved, players are always skeptical. But, recent The last of us The premiere has put to rest many of the apprehensions of the fans.

Asad Qizilbash And Carter Swan The people responsible for this wonderful production of PlayStation IP. Founder and Co-Chairs of PlayStation Productions, these guys are tasked with not letting the scourge of gaming adaptations affect Sony IP. In a recent interview, Qizilbash said that he has adaptations. Failures If only gamers liked them.

Talking to Indie Wire Regarding The Last of Us, Qizilbash talked about PlayStation Productions’ manifesto. He covered the history of video game movies/TV shows and why things are different now. The co-head also talked about the intentions behind all their adaptations.

Qazalbash examined in depth what he wanted to make these adaptations successful. Like on the topic of movies based on popular IPs unordered, co-head of PlayStation Productions, said new audiences are essential. If adaptation only appeals to gamers, it is not a success:

If it doesn’t bring in a new audience and it just makes our gamers happy, then I think we’ve failed.”

He further elaborates his point by saying that it is not that they are not making them according to the players’ liking. But they also want to engage. New audience which is not from the original medium. So, it makes a lot of sense.

Asad Qizilbash further explains that he makes these adaptations for gamers emotionally. However, reaching a new demographic is what determines their success. Sony As gamers are already familiar with the source material. This is the reason why according to him, his work is fun.

Because our job is not only to create something for our gamers with engagement and passion, but to introduce it to a whole new audience. That’s the fun of my job.”

Continuing his point, Qizilbash says that PlayStation Production Studio never assumes that the audience knows the characters. However, he also respects fans who are familiar with the source material and gives them what they love. It’s a delicate balance indeed.

We never try to assume that people will know these characters or this story. They are coming in and they have no idea of ​​this universe. But also honoring the pillars that we know fans will love and expect from something like this.

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