The free version of Microsoft Teams is adding Windows 11 communities and designer support.


New features of Microsoft Teams

While Microsoft has been adding many new features to the paid version of its Teams service recently, it is not forgetting the many users who access the free edition of Teams. Today, the company revealed several new features that are rolling out today in Windows 11, iOS and Android versions.

In a blog post, Microsoft said a new feature is adding direct support to the free version of Teams for the public preview version of Microsoft Designer. Designer allows users to create blog posts, websites, digital postcards and more with just a few text prompts and creative AI.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is also expanding support for its Discord-like communities feature in Teams, which launched in December 2022. With this new update, Communities is coming to Windows 11 devices in addition to the Teams mobile apps. The plan is to add support for Mac, Windows 10, and web versions as well. Microsoft also said:

In the coming days, and starting with Windows 11, iOS, and Android, you can join communities focused on topics like parenting, gaming, gardening, technology, remote work, and more. Community owners will be able to set their community to be visible, and discoverable on Teams, starting with iOS and Android.

Other new community features in Teams include the ability for users to start polls. Also in the communities feature, posts can be shared via emails, and community owners can approve or deny people to join their group.

The Thames mobile apps will now allow users to record videos as well. The iOS app will now let users scan a document with any email or phone number and invite people with that information to Thames communities. Microsoft has also updated the GroupMe app so it can now make Microsoft Teams calls from within the app.


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