The free Epic Games Store game this week is Midnight Ghost Hunt.


Midnight Ghost Hunt

If you’re looking for a multiplayer shooter with a little twist, Midnight Ghost Hunts Might be right up your (dark) alley. The good news is that this is also a game that you can download and keep for free. Now from the Epic Games Store. It will be free to download and claim until Thursday, June 8th at 11am ET.

game, which normally costs $19.99. Developer Vaulted comes from Sky Games. It is described as a “spooky multiplayer hide and seek game”. Here’s a quick summary:

Unrelenting spirits haunt the halls, lying in wait in a series of cursed locations. Ghost Hunters are assigned to take them down, equipped with toothy ghost-busting technology to send them to another realm! Play as both Ghost and Hunter in a chaotic 4v4 struggle between the living and the dead.

Playing as a member of the Ghost team, players can use their telekinetic powers to throw furniture and other objects at the hunters. Ghost players can also get supercharged when the clock strikes midnight in the game world. Here are some other things ghosts can do:

Claim your supernatural powers, including turning invisible, floating furniture, and conjuring a dangerous ghostly miasma. Ghosts can even hide in plain sight by masquerading as Hunter’s doppelgangers! Ghostly Perks include avoiding traps with Untrappable, seeing nearby predators through walls with Perception, and extended possession range with Ghostly Reach.

However, the Ghost Hunters team has a few weapons of their own to exorcise ghosts:

Hunters must choose their weapons from a full range of high-tech gadgets designed to banish ghosts from our plane of existence. Detect the presence of ghosts with spectrophones, radars and pathfinders, catch them with traps, and suck up their spectral remains with a vacuum – or simply use the spectral cannon, sledgehammer, harpoon, salt-blasting shotgun, and more. Destroy them with

We’ll have to wait until next week to find out what the next free game from the Epic Games Store will be.


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