The former dev called out Sega for leaving the Persona 3 and 4 translators out of the credits


  • Sega has reportedly removed the FIGs translators from the credits for Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden. Former Sega localization coordinator, Katrina Leonidas, has called out Sega for its negligence.
  • The former developer explained that he clearly informed the team that handled it to credit the translators, but they were still left out.
  • He also mentioned the crunching culture at the company and reiterated that this was likely the reason why developers were forgotten to be included.
  • Sega has yet to officially comment on the situation.

The release of Persona 3 Portable and 4 Golden on next-gen platforms was marked by the community. Critically acclaimed RPGs eventually gained a large fanbase spanning various consoles. However, Sega has made some notable mistakes that have raised eyebrows in the gaming industry.

The giant group has omitted the main figure from the credits section of both games, angering a former developer at such an oversight. An inspection of the credits for both Persona titles reveals no FIGs interpreter who imbued all the notable characters with audible emotion and brought them to life.

By Katrina Leonidas, former Sega Localization Coordinator Called the company on effort. The former developer clarified that French, Italian, German, and Spanish (FIGS) language translators have been left out of the credits in Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden.

His pleas were apparently ignored by the team that took over after he left the company. Katrina asked the new team to ensure that the translators of the Persona games were credited.

In my farewell email to the company, I urged them to credit the FIGS teams for all the titles, including the one I had to give up after leaving for greener pastures. It was incredibly important to me to give credit to everyone,” Katrina noted in a follow-up.

Katrina expressed her disappointment and lack of respect for Sega not properly crediting the developers. “We pay them for their services. They have to provide credit if we ask.Meanwhile, he also claimed in another tweet that the developers worked too hard and were possibly underpaid. She calls it a shameful act.

The former developer called it “Kudos to every translator who worked tirelessly on this project” She calls out Sega for various other things. Katrina notes that Sega forgot to mention Persona Translator in the credits due to being so busy.

Apart from this, Katrina also noted that she was not getting paid enough for her role and had to leave to support her spouse. After he left, Sega had no replacement in his position for a period and spent minimal costs negotiating with the FIGS translators.

Katrina went on to mention other pending issues at Sega, including “Crunching to get things out.The developer asks the gaming industry to do better and ensure developers are included in the credit list. Sega has yet to officially respond to the wave of criticism, leaving fans angry and translators frustrated at the moment.

This is not the first time that such reports have surfaced. Many creators who put sweat and tears into a game are rarely credited.

What are your thoughts on Sega completely leaving the Persona 3 and 4 FIGS translators out of the credits? Do you think Sega will officially respond to the lack of giving credit? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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