The Fire Emblem English voice cast has been confirmed.


  • The Fire Emblem English voice cast has taken to Twitter to talk about her role in the game.
  • The list includes well-known and respected names.

The hours of waiting are finally over. Fire Emblem Ange has debuted, and fans couldn’t be happier. Many fans are raving about the game’s character design and flawless artwork.

However, one factor we cannot forget are the voice actors who work behind the scenes. These unsung heroes bring any character to life, and Fire Emblem Engage is no different. A few days after the game’s release, many of them have taken to Twitter to talk about their character and their experience.

  • Allier (Female) – Laura Stahl
  • Alchrist – Micah Solosod
  • Citrine – Brittany Karbowski
  • Pondereo – Rico Fajardo
  • Zelkov – David Matranga

Fire Emblem Engage has been one of the most sought after games of the season. However, just a week before the game’s release, it was hit with a massive leak.

These leaks were mainly due to copies being shipped early. It was impossible to go into any of the Fire Emblem Engage online communities without being bombarded with major plot points and game mechanics. Of course, the pain doesn’t end here.

It was because of these leaks that the majority of fans were able to find out ahead of time that the game will introduce two new characters that were previously shown in the artwork. A big blow for many.

Not only does Fire Emblem Engage have beautiful artwork, but the game’s load time has also been drastically reduced. In fact, Fire Emblem Ange loads twice as fast as Fire Emblem Three House. This revelation was brought to light with the help of a video comparison.

It was reported that the 2023 title took only 16 seconds to load. Whereas the previous game took 35 seconds to load. This makes the new version much smoother and more enjoyable for players. What more could you ask for?

As expected, the moment the game was available for pre-order, it topped the sales charts. In fact, pre-orders for Fire Emblem Angel were topping the charts in three different countries. They include America, Japan and France. The game ranked 10th in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Fire Emblem Engage is the brainchild of Intelligent Systems and Nintendo. It is receiving positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

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