The fido script is updated to fix broken Windows ISO downloads to Rufus.


An image of Rufus creating a Windows 11 install USB

Rufus, one of the most popular tools for creating bootable Windows (and other operating system) drives, can download Windows ISO files directly from Microsoft. The built-in fido script makes Rufus an all-in-one app for those who need a USB drive to clean Windows.

Microsoft apparently isn’t happy with third-party apps accessing their servers, so it often puts various blocks in place. The developers behind Rufus and Fido aren’t giving up, and they always find a way to bypass Microsoft’s countermeasures. Fido 1.39 is now available, allowing users to download Windows ISO files once again.

The latest Fido release is available on GitHub, providing a fix. For the following error:

Error: We are unable to complete your request at this time. Certain users, institutions and locations are restricted from using this service. For this reason, the use of anonymizing or location hiding technologies is generally not permitted when connecting to this Service. If you believe you encountered this problem in error, please try again. If the problem persists, you can contact the “Microsoft Support – Contact Us” page for assistance. Refer to message code 715-123130.

Rufus automatically updates the built-in fido script, so users don’t have to do anything to restore the app’s ability to download Windows ISO files. If you use Fido separately from Rufus, download version 1.39 from the project’s repository. On GitHub.

You can download from Rufus. Official website And Microsoft Store. Those unfamiliar with the app and its capabilities can check out our guide. How to Create a Windows 11 Bootable USB Using Rufus.


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