The Epic Games Store has two free games this week: Dying Light Enhanced Edition and Shappies


Dying Light The following screenshot

The Epic Games Store is giving PC gamers two free games to download for the next week. You can get these games from now until Thursday, April 13 at 11 a.m. ET. There is a version of a popular zombie game that has a lot of post-release content. The other is an indie game with a simple art style but a complex gameplay design.

The first is the game. Dying Light: Enhanced Edition From developer and publisher Techland. You enter an open world style city that is full of zombies. The catch is that while the undead are slow to move during the day, they become more dangerous at night. The Enhanced Edition includes all content released for season one of Techland. dim lightAs well as the expansion pack The Following, which not only adds new areas to explore, but also drivable buggies.

Get Dying Light: Enhanced Edition from the Epic Games Store


The second is free play. Shappies From developer tobspr Games and publisher Prismatika (no, that’s not a typo). It is an indie 2D game with a top-down view. The gameplay is simple at first. You have to create automated factories that create different shapes. It sounds simple, but as you progress through the game, you not only have to create more shapes to complete the goals, but also extract and mix colors within those shapes.

Get Shappies from the Epic Games Store.

Which of these two free titles from the Epic Games Store are you most excited to play?


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