The best DPS characters from Honkai Star Reel [Top 4]


Honkai Star Rail With a roster of 21 characters, one of the best DPS roles including supports, tankers, and healers. Characters like Himeko, Sele, Sushang, and Jing Yuan are some of them. Honkai Star Reel Best DPS Characters that players can invest in. Therefore, a deeper insight into their stats, pros, cons, skills and Adolons may be required!

Important: Jing Yuan has yet to be released. Therefore, based on the latest data provided, his skills, professions, disadvantages and team composition have been taken into consideration.

Key takeaways

  • Out of the list of 20+ characters, 4 shine as the best Honkai Star Rail DPS units, along with Himiko, Selle, Sushang, and Jing Yuan.

Himiko Five Star Fire is a DPS belonging to the erosion path and can deal multi-target damage.

  • His marks Includes Sawblade Tuning, Molten Detonation, Heavenly Flare, Victory Rush, and Incomplete Combustion.
  • She can do very well with characters like the forkBronya, Tingyun, Pela, Asta, Natasha, and Fire MC.

Sally A five-star Quantum character who belongs to The Hunt and can deal single-target damage to opponents.

  • As far as he is concerned. Signsthese include Thwack, Sheathed Blade, Butterfly Flurry, Resurgence, and Phantom Illusion.
  • As far as he is concerned. Team compsshe can work with Tignyun, Bronya, Asta, Welt, Natasha, and Bailu.

Soshang A four-star physical character belonging to the Hunt Path.

  • For this girl SignsThey are Cloudfencer Art Starshine, Dancing Blade, Cloudfencer Art Mountainfall, Shape Of Taixu Dawn Herald, and Cloudfencer Art Warcry.
  • his Team comps Pela, Bronya, Tingyun, Natasha, and Asta will join.

Finally, Jing Yuan A yet-to-be-released Five Star Lightning character, and he’s part of the Erosion Path.

  • When building their teams, players can use Pella, Brunia, Tingion, Asta, Natasha, and Bello.


Himeko (Image Credit Exporter)
statistics Value
HP 1047
ATK 756
Def 436
SPD 96
sarcasm 75

To kick things off, let’s begin. Himiko, Which is truly one of them. Honkai Star Rail’s best DPS characters In the game she is a five-star Firegirl who is a daring scientist who came across the Astral Express as a child and managed to repair it. Himeko then begins her journey slowly and manages to follow the path of the trailblazers.

As she belongs to him. Perception Along the way, she has great multi-target damage, and can deal excellent AoE damage to enemies.

Occupation Cons of
Crazy fire damage output It requires specific team composition.
Versatile talent. It has energy price issues.
Excellent AoE damage output.
She can break the enemy’s weakness.


Hamiko Traces
Himeko Traces (image credit calculator)

Moving on, let’s take a look at some of them. Signs He has Himeko, which includes Sawblade Tuning, Molten Detonation, Heavly Flare, Victory Rush, and Incomplete Combustion:

  • Sawblade Tuning (Basic Attack): She can deal fire damage equal to 50% of Himeko’s attack to an opponent.
  • Molten explosion (Skill): She can deal fire damage equal to 100% of Himeko’s base attack to one enemy, and fire damage equal to 40% of Himeko’s base attack to any adjacent opponents. is equal
  • Heavenly Flare (Ultimate): Himeko will be able to deal fire damage equal to 132% of Himeko’s base attack to all opponents, and she regenerates 10 energy for each opponent she defeats.
  • Victory rush (Talent): If an opponent’s weakness is broken, she gains a charge stack with a maximum of 3 stacks, and if she is fully charged, she can deal fire damage. which is equal to 68% of his base attack.
  • Incomplete combustion (Technique): After using his technique, a satellite beam is able to create a burning zone that lasts for 15 seconds.

Team comps

Moving on, here are a few. Team recipes That you can try with Bronia will further increase her DPS abilities.

Team Comp
1 Himiko Brunia yellow Belo
2 Himiko Tingyun Brunia Belo
3 Himiko the fork yellow Natasha
4 Himiko Servile Asta Natasha
5 Himiko the fork Asta Fire MC


Sally (Image Credit Exporter)
statistics Value
HP 931
ATK 640
Def 363
SPD 115
sarcasm 75

Next, is the one from Seele The best characters from Quantum Honkai Star Reel. She is a five-star Quantum character, making her a Wildfire born and raised in the underworld of Bellobug. His nickname is “Babochka”. Also, she is very blunt and outspoken, not caring what others think of her.

She belongs to him. Hunting trailwhich allows her to deal insane amounts of single-target damage to opponents, and she’s great against elite enemies.

Occupation Cons of
Optimal quantum loss. Can’t control the crowd.
Whenever she kills an opponent, she regains energy. It requires specific team comps to work well.
She also gains speed in combat.
His technique allows him to become invisible to enemies.


Look at the signs
Sally Traces (Image Credit Exporter)

As for him. Signs Concerned, I tested all five of his emblems including Sheathed Blade, Spit, Butterfly Flurry, Resurgence, and Phantom Illusion.

  • wholesale (Basic Attack): She can deal quantum damage equal to 50% of her base attack to an opponent.
  • Sheathed blade (Skill): This will increase her overall speed by 25% for a total of 2 turns, and she will deal quantum damage equal to 110% of her base attack to one enemy.
  • Butterfly flurry (Ultimate): Sally enters buffed mode, and can deal quantum damage equal to 255% of her base attack to an opponent.
  • To be born again (Talent): Sally re-enters the buffed state after defeating an opponent with her basic attack, skill, or even her ultimate, and she gains an extra turn.
  • The Phantom Illusion (Technique): After she uses her technique, Sally will become invisible for 20 seconds and undetectable by opponents.

Team comps

When it comes to its totality. Team compsI’ve tested this with teams that included characters like Velt, Natasha, Brunia, and even Tingion, and the following teams can work very well, automatically making him one of the best. They make The best DPS characters from Honkai Star Reel.

Team Comp
1 Sally Asta Welt Natasha
2 Sally Brunia Natasha Tingyun
3 Sally Tingyun Brunia Belo


Soshang (Image Credit Exploder)
statistics Value
HP 917
ATK 564
Def 418
SPD 107
sarcasm 75

Next, the next character that is one of 100%. The best characters from Honkai Star Reel Sushang is. She was born in Xianzhou Yaoqing and was sent to Lufu’s Cloud Knights to receive further military training. She aims for a future she has always wanted and will do whatever it takes to strive for it.

She’s a physical four-star character that belongs there. hunting trail, Which automatically means he is an excellent single target dimer dealer. When I used her in the overworld, I found that she works best against elite enemies.

Occupation Cons of
Massive single target damage to enemies. It cannot deal AoE damage.
Works exceptionally well with support units. It needs some team comps to shine.
She can take advantage of periods of weakness to bump her damage output.
Pretty decent DPS.


Sushang Trace
Sushang Traces (Image credit extractor)

When it comes to Honkai Star Rail best DPS marksthese include Coldfencer Art Starshine, Dancing Blade, Cloudfencer Art Mountainfall, Shape of Taishou Dawn Herald, and Cloudfencer Art Warkry.

  • Cloudfencer Art Starshine (Basic Attack): Sushang can deal physical damage equal to 50% of her base attack to one enemy.
  • The Dancing Blade (Talent): Whenever an opponent’s weakness on the field is broken, Sushang’s overall speed will be increased by 15% for a total of 2 turns.
  • Cloudfencer Art Mountainfall (Skill): She can deal physical damage equal to 105% of her base attack to an enemy, and has a 33% chance to trigger a sword stance on the final attack, resulting in bonus physical damage. Damage is dealt. 50% of his base attack.
  • Form of Taixu Dawn Herald (Ultimate): Sushang can deal physical damage equal to 192% of her base attack to an opponent, and she can advance her action by 100%.
  • Cloud Fencer Art Warrior. (Technique): Sushang instantly attacks an opponent, and upon entering battle mode, deals physical damage equal to 80% of her base attack to all opponents.

Team comps

with reference to Sushang’s team comps in Honkai Star Railthree teams can work well with him, as listed below.

Team Comp
1 Soshang Brunia Tingyun Natasha
2 yellow Soshang Natasha Asta
3 Soshang yellow Tingyun Natasha

Jing Yuan

HSR Jing Yuan
Jing Yuan
statistics Value
HP 1164
ATK 698
Def 485
SPD 99
sarcasm 75

First off, can I just say how excited I am for its release? well, anyway, Jing Yuan is one of the most Expected Honkai Star Rail best DPS yet to be released. He is a Five Star Lightning character who is the main general of the Xianzhou Alliance Cloud Knight and one of the Six Chariots of Xianzhou Luofu.

Because he belongs to him. The path to knowledgehe can dish out exceptionally good multi-target damage and is a significant damage dealer against stockpiles of opponents.

Occupation Cons of
Extremely strong AoE damage output Cannot deal single target damage.
Can work extremely well against enemies weak to electricity. Specific team comps required.
Deals very good multi-target damage.
Best DPS ability/

Team comps

Regarding his team composition, he can work well with Bronia, Bello, Tingyon, Asta, Pella and a few other characters.

Team Comp
1 Jing Yuan Tingyun Brunia Belo
2 Jing Yuan yellow Asta Natasha
3 Jing Yuan Brunia yellow Natasha
4 Jing Yuan Brunia yellow Belo


And there we have it! This is all players need to know. Honkai Star Rail Excellent DPS character, and with that, let’s wrap up this guide! While you’re here, why not check out our Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level Guide that goes into detail about leveling up! In addition, the Guide Paradox Honkai Star Rail Guide shows every choice that can be faced while completing it!

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